The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 215

Chapter 215 Welcoming The Little Sunshine

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Nian Xiaomu: “…”

Her hand that was grasping the spoon stopped moving; she twisted her head around anxiously and scanned the surroundings of the dining room, but did not spot signs of Yu Yuehan.

She swallowed down the rice in her mouth forcefully. Confused, she looked at him and asked, “Butler, what are you talking about?”


“Are you alright?” Nian Xiaomu placed the spoon down. She stood up and walked to the butler; just when she was about to reach out and feel his forehead, the butler avoided her.

His strict old face displayed a hard-pressed and panicked look that was rarely seen on him.

It was a distinct contrast to the old-fashioned and cautious look that he usually had.

Like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, he met her gaze and emphasized guiltily, “I prepared your meal. Finish up your meal and head to bed early after you’ve had your fill.”

Then, he turned around and left after he had said his piece.

From his hurried footsteps, it appeared as if someone was chasing behind him and intent on murdering him.


Nian Xiaomu stood before the dining table. Staring at the butler who had disappeared in the blink of an eye, she twisted her head around and knitted her eyebrows as she looked at the dishes on the table.

There seemed to be something off.

Could it be that the dishes were not actually prepared by the butler himself?

In that case, who else would be afraid that she would be hungry and leave food for her…

Although the Yu Family villa was very big, she didn’t personally know many people in the house who had the power to instruct the kitchen to prepare some leftover food.

Could it be Yu Yuehan?

The moment Nian Xiaomu thought of this name, the scene of somebody releasing his grip and watching as she fell to the ground flashed past her mind. Furthermore, he even used it as a negative example and educated Xiao Liuliu with it. Suddenly, she was so pissed off from these thoughts that she sat herself down in front of the dining table and took a huge bite from a piece of lamb shank.

She chewed vigorously and seemed to regard the lamb shank in her hand as Yu Yuehan with her doughty actions!

It wasn’t possible for the iceberg to be so considerate as to keep food for her; it must be the adorable Xiao Liuliushe must have seen that Nian Xiaomu hadn’t eaten anything and instructed the butler to keep some food for her.

Nian Xiaomu could finally have a good night’s sleep after she had eaten her fill.

The next day, she remembered that she still had work to submit and headed to the office early in the morning.

No signs of Nian Xiaomu could be seen in the villa by the time Yu Yuehan woke up.

“Young Master, breakfast is ready,” the butler walked forward and reminded him respectfully.

Retracting his gaze, Yu Yuehan strolled to the dining room and asked, “Where is she?”

“Nian Xiaomu headed to the office early in the morning. She seemed to have something important to attend to,” the butler followed behind him and answered with a confused face.

When Yu Yuehan heard this, he paused in his steps. He turned around, looked at the butler, and declared, “I want her exact words.”

“The weather is so good today! I am going to the office to welcome my little sunshine. Bye, Butler!” the butler repeated the exact words that she had said before she left the house. The next second, he suddenly noticed that Yu Yuehan’s face had sunk.

If Yu Yuehan’s memory didn’t fail him, Wen Yadai had reminded him yesterday that the young master of Sheng Da Science and Technology would be heading to the office today to do a work handover with Nian Xiaomu.

Who was “Little Sunshine?” Chen Zixin?!

Yu Yuehan knitted his eyebrows as a layer of haze covered his handsome and charming face.

As he scanned the breakfast spread on the dining table, he lost his appetite instantly.

He turned around and walked out.

“Prepare the car to go to the office.”

The product launch for Sheng Da Science and Technology was very successful.

There was an upsurge in discussion online and offline, and congratulatory voices could be heard from all around the moment Nian Xiaomu entered the office.

The intern, Xiaoxiao chirped happily as she followed behind Nian Xiaomu, “Supervisor Nian, nobody will ever question your capabilities since the product launch was so successful.”

The secretary beside her echoed along as well, “We are all colleagues, so it would be best if we can work together in harmony.”

As the secretary spoke, she handed a piece of the schedule sheet to Nian Xiaomu.

“In the morning today, President Chen Jr. from Sheng Da Science and Technology will be coming over at 10 AM. The original project manager will be tagging along with him as well. The details are all in there.”