The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 218

Chapter 218 A Fickle Guy

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Nian Xiaomu did not dare to scream in a very loud voice because there were people surrounding them.

She only muttered at a volume level that the both of them could hear.

Even if someone were to look in their direction unintentionally, that person would think that the two of them were walking side by side if they did not notice that Yu Yuehan was grabbing onto the collar of Nian Xiaomu’s shirt.

Only Chen Zixin, who followed behind the both of them, witnessed very clearly how Nian Xiaomu was dragged away by Yu Yuehan…

Just when Chen Zixin had nearly forgotten to follow up because of the shock, Yu Yuehan noticed that he was tagging behind and released his grip. Pretending that nothing had happened, he opened his mouth faintly and said, “Your legs are short and you are walking at a snail’s pace. Is there an issue with me helping you with this?”

Nian Xiaomu: “…!!”

As her pair of animated eyes opened wide, she looked like she very badly wanted to devour him.

She was so pissed that she was going to turn into a puffer fish with her puffed up cheeks!

Just when she wanted to say something, she caught a glimpse of Chen Zixin approaching them. Blinking her huge eyes a couple of times, she held back the words that had reached her throat.

She was afraid that she would be left with a negative balance in bonus salary if she talked back to her president in front of outsiders.

“That would be great if Young Master Han has time; I happen to have a few things related to work which I would like to consult you on.” Chen Zixin was a very cheerful personhe noticed that the atmosphere between the two of them was off the moment he approached them and tried to smooth things over.

Since he was the one who would be treating them, he would have to entertain them as well.

Chen Zixin walked to the front and pointed to the restaurant across from the Yu Corporation. “It’s just on the other side of the road. I have already booked a reservation.”

After he finished his sentences, the three of them headed to the restaurant together and did not speak.

The assistant had absolutely no time to react and was left behind.

Staring at Yu Yuehan, who had left him behind, the assistant only muttered to himself after staring at the schedule sheet for a long time, “I thought Young Master said that he had no appetite for breakfast today…”

Women are not the only fickle beings in this eramen belong to that category as well!

The assistant kept the schedule sheet in his hand and chased after them hurriedly.

The Yu Corporation was situated in a district of City H where every inch of land had the value of gold; as such, the restaurant across from the office should have some level of class.

The restaurant that Chen Zixin had chosen was a private kitchen; while their food had an authentic taste, the prices were hefty as well.

Their business was usually bustlingit was impossible to get a seat without any prior booking.

Chen Zixin brought them into the restaurant with ease; it seemed like he had spent a fair bit of effort beforehand and had already booked a private room.

The moment he sat down, he took the menu in his hand and was about to pass it to Nian Xiaomu. However, he remembered that Yu Yuehan was sitting beside him and passed the menu to him instead after a second of hesitation.

“Young Master Han, take a look at the menu first. I’ll have the service staff bring another one over.”

With his long fingers, Yu Yuehan picked up the menu that was handed to him by Chen Zixin and threw it over to Nian Xiaomu without taking a single glance.

“Glutton, for you.”

Nian Xiaomu: “…”

Must he destroy her image in front of strangers?

Calling a single and unmarried young lady a “glutton” in publicdidn’t he know that he would be beaten to death if she were someone else?

However, she recalled that he wasn’t just anyone; he was her big boss.

Since he was the one who would be paying her salary, Nian Xiaomu could only endure it.

Just when she was preparing to eat a bigger portion to comfort her broken soul, she lowered her head and took a glimpse at the prices on the menushe was so shocked that she nearly jumped out of the chair!

She shut the menu tightly with both her hands and swallowed her saliva forcefully.

“Are we really eating here?”

“What’s the matter? Do the dishes not suit your taste?” Chen Zixin asked anxiously the minute he heard what she said.

This action of courting her favor really offended the eyes.

Yu Yuehan narrowed his eyes, and a ray of dull light flashed past his eyes.