The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 219

Chapter 219

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Nian Xiaomu did not take notice of his expression and answered subconsciously when she heard what Chen Zixin had said, “It’s not an issue of matching my tastethe food here is so expensive for just a meal. Will we break your bank by dining here?”

Yu Yuehan’s expression turned even uglier when he heard this.

The two of them were not even related in any way yet, but she was already in a rush to save money for Chen Zixin?

Chen Zixin was startled as well; it seemed that this was his first time meeting such a down-to-earth and adorable girl. The smile in his eyes grew wider as he took the menu from her hand and spoke in between grins, “This restaurant is a tad bit expensive, but their food is really good. What do you like to eat? I can help you orderit’s my pleasure to be able to take the order of a beauty.”


Nian Xiaomu was used to being loud and casual; when she saw that he did not mind at all, she did not constrain herself either.

Bringing up the glass of water, she took a sip, “I am not picky with food, so I am okay with anything. Since you are familiar with this place, why don’t you recommend some dishes to me?”

“Okay, this restaurant makes really good crab roe dumplings as well as ham pastries…” Chen Zixin held the menu with his hand and pointed out these dishes to Nian Xiaomu. Seeing that she nodded her head, he immediately instructed the service staff at the side to place the order.

Both of them chatted on and echoed after each other; they were nearly glued together because they were sharing a single menu.

Yu Yuehan’s hand that was holding on to a cup of water tightened silently, and the veins on the back of his hand popped up. All of a sudden, he slammed the cup heavily onto the table.

The loud “bang” instantly caught the attention of the other two.

As Yu Yuehan met the two gazes that were shot in his direction, he slowly replied at ease with no signs of panic, “My hands were slippery.”

However, he did not seem like he was fine due to the icy cold aura surrounding him.

Instead, it seemed as if someone owed him a huge debt of several billion yuan and fled with it.

His handsome and charming face was a pitch-black color.

Accompanied by the low pressure emitted from his body, the atmosphere in the private room became gloomy as well.

Nian Xiaomu took the menu hurriedly and brought it to him. “We are done ordering. You’re the only one left.”

Yu Yuehan’s expression turned colder when he heard that she had referred to the both of them as “we.”

After taking a quick glimpse at the menu placed in front of him and then looking at Nian Xiaomu who sat unbelievably close to Chen Zixin, he opened his thin lips and said, “I am not familiar with this place. Come over here and recommend me some dishes.”

Nian Xiaomu: “…”

It was her first time here as wellhow could she recommend anything to him?

However, it wouldn’t be good for her to ignore him since he had already made the request.

Nian Xiaomu could only shift her chair and sit closer to him. Pointing at the menu on the table, she rambled on, “I ordered the crab roe dumpling and this fried egg cracker… Actually, I haven’t tried any of these yetPresident Chen Jr. recommended them to me, and all of them look absolutely delicious.”

Nian Xiaomu’s expression changed the moment she was on the topic of food.

With a pair of bright and gleaming eyes, she shifted herself closer to Yu Yuehan’s direction again. This time, her entire body was nearly in his arms because she was afraid that he could not see the dishes that she was pointing at.

The natural fragrance of her body drifted into his nostrils; her little head full of hair was swaying about in his line of sight as well…

She was looking at the menu, but he was looking at her.

Yu Yuehan only realized that his mind had drifted away when she lifted her head up and sought his opinion. He gave two light coughs and said, “I’ll order whatever you recommend.”

As for the food that she had recommended, he had absolutely no clue what they were.

Nian Xiaomu did not sense his weird behavior. Seeing that he did not have any opinions, she looked at the service staff with smiling eyes and said, “I’ll order one more of this exact same set.”

Just when her words landed, the doors to the private room were pushed open and someone who looked like a manager of the restaurant entered from the outside.

He went forward to greet Yu Yuehan respectfully the moment he saw him.

‘Young Master Han, you are a regular of our restaurant. How can you sit here in an ordinary room! I’ll get my staff to switch you to a personal private room immediately!”