The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 221

Chapter 221 Strike First And Gain The Upper Hand

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Shangxin had brought bodyguards along with her when she met the big boss to talk about the endorsement; however, she had completely no idea that Tang Yuansi was following behind her.

At that point in time, the big boss held her hand and wanted to take advantage of her. As if he were a surveillance camera that was installed in the private room, Tang Yuansi suddenly entered through the door. Before the bodyguards could make their move, Tang Yuansi rushed forward and gave the big boss who tried to get fresh with Shangxin an evil beating.

Shangxin had absolutely no time to react.

When she returned to her senses, she saw that Tang Yuansi had already beaten up the big boss so badly that he was gasping for his last breath. As such, she went forward hurriedly to stop Tang Yuansi because the big boss could have died if the beating continued.

Tang Yuansi only stopped after he nearly hit her by accident.

With an ashen face, he dragged her along and departed, leaving the rest behind.

After the incident, all of the news were kept under control because of Tang Yuansi’s identity; even the big boss was aware that he had offended the wrong person and paid all his own medical bills by himself.

In the end, the news that got out was that Shangxin had single-handedly taught a lesson to the lechers who tried to take advantage of her…

The rumors were purely misunderstandings!

“It wasn’t Shangxin? Then who was it?” Chen Zixin asked in curiosity.

Nian Xiaomu came back to her senses when she heard what he said and shook her head at once. “Nevermind. I just felt that Shangxin is very gentle and doesn’t seem like the kind who would lay her hands on others.”

She seemed to have thought of something when she finished her sentence. Twisting her head, she looked at Yu Yuehan.

Even though the others did not know, she was fully aware that Tang Yuansi was also the one who had saved Shangxin when she met with danger on the day of the product launch!

He didn’t just save herafter the product launch came to an end, she heard that Lin Chao, the one who had kidnapped Shangxin, was apprehended. Not only that, the Lin family’s business had also sunk into crisis in just a night…

All of these things were definitely not Shangxin’s deeds.

Tang Yuansi obviously cared for Shangxin so dearlybut why must he distance himself so far away from her?

The moment Nian Xiaomu recalled that she had went against Yu Yuehan’s wishes and even encouraged Shangxin to persevere on, she felt a little guilty and did not dare to look him in the eye.

She sneakily took a peep at him and continued to chat with Chen Zixin while pretending that nothing had happened.

Luckily, the dishes that they had ordered were served very quickly.

They were even served personally by the manager of the restaurant.

He placed the dishes in front of Yu Yuehan first and served him with extra care. “The essence of a crab roe dumpling is all in its filling. Since there is soup in the crab roe, you can use the straw to drink it first to taste its freshness…”

The crab roe dumpling was the signature dish of their restaurantthe manager had recommended it to Yu Yuehan a few times during his previous visits here, but Yu Yuehan had never tried it before.

Since it was rare for Yu Yuehan to be in such high spirits, the manager resolved to serve him well today.

“…” Yu Yuehan took the straw from the manager and scanned the crab roe dumpling before him. However, his gaze drifted subconsciously to the person who sat beside him.

They had ordered the same dishes.

At this moment, a fragrant and appetizing crab roe dumpling dish laid before her as well.

Before the manager could even finish his instructions, she had already impatiently drank a few sips of the soup from the dumpling. However, she seemed to have scalded her tiny tongue and blew out a couple of puffs of hot air.

She seemed to find the straw a hassle and threw it aside. Blowing air on the dumpling, she lifted it up with her hands and took a small bite from its edge.

The dense flavor of the soup that penetrated her mouth as well as the crab roe that made one’s taste buds shiver… contentment was written all over her tiny and adorable face.

Seeing that she was savoring every bite, Yu Yuehan wanted to give her his share when he heard Chen Zixin say, “Is it tasty?”

“Very, very tasty!” Nian Xiaomu swallowed the dumpling in her mouth and replied to him speedily before taking a second bite.

She bared her teeth and flashed a big smile at Chen Zixinshe wasn’t even aware that there were gravy stains at the corners of her mouth.

Her bright smile was exceptionally glaring to the eye.

Armed with a loving look, Chen Zixin took a napkin and wanted to help her wipe her mouth the very next second…

Yu Yuehan narrowed his gaze. He took out a napkin at a rapid speed that was faster than Chen Zixin and threw it toward Nian Xiaomu’s facethe big, wide napkin ended up directly wrapped around her entire face!