The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 223

Chapter 223 The Two Of Us

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Nian Xiaomu: “…”

The iceberg had transformed into a warm-hearted little angelwas she hallucinating?

Would he actually tell her that the cost of her meal would be deducted from her bonus after she ordered more food?

When Nian Xiaomu thought of this, she shook her head vigorously, just like a rattle-drum. “I am full, very full.”

Chen Zixin, who sat at the side, had already set his mind on treating Nian Xiaomu to a meal. Confused, he scratched his head when Yu Yuehan wanted to foot the bill. “Yu Yuehan, we had agreed that this was my treat.”

When Yu Yuehan heard this, he raised his eyebrows, opened his thin lips, and said, “It wouldn’t be good to treat us since there were two of us.”


What did “two of us” mean?

Why did this sentence seem like he was swearing on sovereignty?

However, Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu were both from the Yu Corporation. Nian Xiaomu was also the current top employee of the public relations department. As such, Nian Xiaomu was indeed closer in relationship to Yu Yuehan.

Even so, Chen Zixin still felt that Yu Yuehan’s sentence did not have such a simple meaning to it.

He was startled for a moment and forgot to reply to Yu Yuehan.

Yu Yuehan, on the other hand, did not give a hoot about what Chen Zixin thought; he walked out when he heard that Nian Xiaomu did not want to order food to go.

When he reached the exit, he twisted his head and cast a sideway glance at Nian Xiaomu when he realized that she had not followed him.

Afraid that he would drag her away again, Nian Xiaomu jogged for a short distance and rushed up behind him.

On the way back, she tried very hard to keep up with Yu Yuehan’s pace and followed closely behind him.

She suddenly realized that she had left Chen Zixin alone at the back only after they reached the lobby of the Yu Corporation.

Just when she was about to stop and wait for him, she was suddenly dragged into the elevator by Yu Yuehan!

“Why are you in such a rush? Afraid that he can’t locate the public relations department by himself?” As Yu Yuehan trapped her inside the inner walls of the elevator, he lowered his gaze and stared at her charming little face with a deep gaze.

“Manners, do you know about manners? Do you assume that everyone will talk about business with a cold face, just like you? It’s the job of public relations to let our clients feel that we are reliable. This way, they would entrust their projects to us with ease.”

Nian Xiaomu pouted her tiny lips as she spoke.

At this moment, she suddenly remembered that she still had not had time to read through the documents that the secretary had brought to her this morning. It was good that they had parted ways just nowshe could head back and settle her pending work first before later meeting the team for the project handover at 10 AM.

When she returned to her senses, she realized that Yu Yuehan was still standing in front of her. With one of his arms supporting the doors to the elevator, he had locked her into his embrace.

The atmosphere in the air turned dubious all of a sudden.

He stared at her with his deep gaze as he enveloped his overbearing aura around herit was as if he wanted to see through her soul with that gaze of his…

Nian Xiaomu felt a little nervous and pursed her lips. Just when she wanted to ask him what was going on, the elevator reached her floor.

Ding!The doors of the elevator opened.

It was the floor of the public relations department.

“I have arrived.” Nian Xiaomu poked his chest and motioned for him to move away.

He felt itchy from the fair and tender finger poking into his chest.

Yu Yuehan frowned and stared at her cautious and solemn look.

After a long while, he finally moved his body slowly to the side and allowed her to get out of the elevator.

The doors of the elevator closed once again as it made its way directly up to the president’s office.

The moment Yu Yuehan entered the office, he reached out and tugged at the tie around his neck in a fidgety manner; he did not know why, but his chest felt smothered.

Nian Xiaomu’s palm-sized face flashed past him the moment he closed his eyes.

She was just like a rat that had met a cat when she saw him.

She seemed to be very happy when she saw Chen Zixin and smiled like a blossoming flower.

Both the Little Sunshine and the fresh flower were indeed compatible with each other!

Yu Yuehan strolled back to his desk and sat down; the depressed feeling in his chest finally subsided after he drank a sip of water.

Just when he was prepared to start on his work, he heard knocks on his door.

With a strict expression, his assistant held a document and entered the office with long strides. “Young Master, we have managed to get ahold of Tan Bengbeng’s background!”