The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 224

Chapter 224 Their Relationship With Each Other

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The atmosphere in the office turned heavy the moment the assistant finished his sentence.

The assistant walked forward and placed the information that had been retrieved in front of Yu Yuehan, “The Tan family is a family of medical science. Almost all of Tan Bengbeng’s forefathers were doctors, and the family tree can be traced back for more than 100 years. Her family has produced quite a number of famous doctorsTan Bengbeng herself is also a very outstanding doctor.”

“…” Reaching out, Yu Yuehan took the documents from him and motioned for him to continue speaking.

“It was planned for Tan Bengbeng to walk the path of medical science right from the start when she was born. She graduated from a prestigious medical school in the country and even went overseas to undertake advanced studies. Furthermore, she has also completed many outstanding operations and is working in a hospital now…” The assistant paused and lifted his head up.

“Young Master, the Tan family isn’t just a family of medical sciencethey are also philanthropists who are very well-respected by many.”

“Philanthropists?” Yu Yuehan frowned. Shifting his puzzled gaze away from the documents, he raised his eyebrows and looked at his assistant.

The assistant nodded his head. “Yes, the Tan family have used almost all their earnings from practicing medicine on charitable activities since the generation of Tan Bengbeng’s grandfather, and they have managed to help many patients. It’s the same for Tan Bengbengaccording to the information we have retrieved, Tan Bengbeng has been helping patients who are in trouble ever since she graduated from medical school; she was someone who paid in advance for patients who were unable to pay their medical bills due to all sorts of reasons. It was said that she and Nian Xiaomu got to know each other because of this exact reason as well.”

“Do you mean that Nian Xiaomu was once her patient?” Yu Yuehan narrowed his gaze as a ray of dark light flashed past his eyes.

“Yes. However, we were unable to retrieve Nian Xiaomu’s past medical records. The Tan family has securely protected the privacy of all the patients that they have helped.” The assistant seemed to have thought of something and lifted his head up suddenly.

“Oh, yes. We have also managed to determine why Nian Xiaomu was short of money. Tan Bengbeng took out a mortgage loan on her own apartment just to pay for Nian Xiaomu’s medical bills in advance. Nian Xiaomu appears to want to help Tan Bengbeng pay back the loan.”

“Are you saying that Tan Bengbeng mortgaged her apartment just for Nian Xiaomu?” Yu Yuehan’s gaze deepened.

She had mortgaged her apartment for a complete stranger.

There were bound to be other reasons for Tan Bengbeng to do this unless she regarded her money as trash.

As Yu Yuehan flipped open the documents in front of him and finished reading the details about the Tan family, his facial expression turned complex.

The assistant quickly explained, “I also thought that this Tan Bengbeng was a little weird initially. However, I realized after investigating that this was not the first time she had done this kind of thingTan Bengbeng has provided aid without being stingy whenever she meets patients who truly needed help. There were many forefathers in the Tan family who have done the same thing as well.”

It seemed like Tan Bengbeng’s compassion for her patients was passed on from her family.

The Tan family was truly a family with a medical science background.

“There was nothing suspicious about Tan Bengbeng’s identity; the things that she has done right from when she was born have conformed with societal norms. In addition, we did not discover any abnormal contact between Nian Xiaomu and Tan Bengbengthey were merely patient and doctor who turned into good friends,” the assistant reported cautiously.

They had wanted to trace Nian Xiaomu’s identity through Tan Bengbeng.

It seemed now that Tan Bengbeng might not know Nian Xiaomu’s exact identity, let alone conceal Nian Xiaomu’s identity on her behalf.

However, if this was the case, Nian Xiaomu’s identity would still remain a mystery.

Looking at Yu Yuehan, who wore a displeased expression, the assistant only spoke after a few seconds of hesitation, “Young Master, the investigators also mentioned that the deadline for Tan Bengbeng’s apartment mortgage is approaching; the reason why Nian Xiaomu is in a rush to raise money is probably because she does not want to see the apartment being repossessed.”

In other words, she was not in need of money currentlyshe was desperately in need.