The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 225

Chapter 225 Whose House Are You Returning Back To?

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Yu Yuehan’s eyes flickered slightly when he heard this.

The scene of her looking at him pitifully while requesting a salary bonus flashed past his eyes as well as when that tiny face of hers crumbled instantly after she heard that he would be deducting her bonus…

This whole time, he had not understood why she desired money so dearly. However, at this moment, he finally understood that money was not what she lovedshe was just trying to repay Tan Bengbeng’s kindness.

He collected his gaze as a complicated streak of light flashed past his eyes.

In the public relations department.

After being busy for the entire day, Nian Xiaomu finally completed the work handover with Sheng Da Science and Technology.

She packed her belongings and left work after she clocked out.

Since Wen Yadai was not around, Nian Xiaomu was fully responsible for the projects with Sheng Da Science and Technology.

The colleagues in the department underwent a major change in attitude toward her after what had happened at the product launcheverything seemed to be progressing well…

She heaved a light sigh of relief the moment she entered the elevator.

“Wait a moment!” Just as the doors to the elevator were about to close, a hand reached in all of a sudden.

The doors to the elevator reopened.

Chen Zixin’s handsome figure squeezed in from outside.

Nian Xiaomu looked outside subconsciously, but only spotted him; the team from Sheng Da Science and Technology did not appear to be around.

“Supervisor Nian, thank you for your trouble today. It’s getting late nowdo you have any appointments today? If not, shall we have a meal together?” Chen Zixin popped the question nervously once the doors to the elevator closed.

His admiration toward her grew as the time they spent together increased.

She was absolutely different from all the other girls out there.

She was very prettyit was a clean type of beauty.

However, beauty was not all that she hadthe way she explained the proposal as she stood on the exhibit stage was even more captivating…

This was Chen Zixin’s first time trying to woo a girl with all his heart.

“I am not available today because I have something scheduled. Let’s do it another day.” Nian Xiaomu was startled when she heard what he said, but immediately flashed a smile afterward.

Now that Chen Zixin had become the project manager of Sheng Da Science and Technology’s collaboration venture, they should have many chances to see each other in the future.

Chen Zixin seemed to understand that some things couldn’t be rushed and agreed in a straightforward manner when he heard her reply. After that, he asked again in a gentlemanly manner, “Are you heading home? Do you need a ride back?”


“It’s just on the way, and I was planning to consult you on your opinion toward this project…” The elevator arrived before he finished his sentence.

The doors to the elevator opened.

Before Nian Xiaomu could reply, Chen Zixin caught a glimpse of a respectable figure that was leaning against the wall outside the elevator!

Yu Yuehan wore a simple white shirt and a pair of black pants. With one hand tucked in the pocket of his pants, he held a long coat in his other hand and leaned against the wall.

His handsome face was tilted sideways, and he seemed to be pondering over something.

At the moment that the doors to the elevator opened, he noticed Chen Zixin, who stood beside Nian Xiaomu, and the gaze in his eyes turned razor-sharp.

Chen Zixin was startled as well.

“Han, Young Master Han, why are you here as well? Are you waiting for someone?” Chen Zixin returned to his senses and greeted him immediately. After which, he smiled and continued teasing, “Who is it that has the privilege of getting Young Master Han to personally fetch them?”

As he finished his sentence, he noticed that Yu Yuehan had shifted his gaze away from himself and was casting a sideways glance at Nian Xiaomu, who stood beside him.

His gaze felt a little cynical for some unknown reason…

Chen Zixin stared blankly for a while. The next second, enlightenment seemed to dawn on him, and he opened his eyes wide in astonishment. “Could it be…”

“It isn’t what you think it is!” Nian Xiaomu knew that Chen Zixin had misunderstood the whole situation the moment she saw his expression.

Just when she wanted to explain herself, Yu Yuehan interrupted her and said in an impatient tone, “Go home.”