The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 227

Chapter 227 Just Who Was Accountable For This?

Nian Xiaomu paused in her tracks. Suspecting that she had heard him incorrectly, she lifted her head in astonishment and looked at him.

She stared at him from head to toe with the gaze that one would use when showing concern for a handicapped individual.

She had already treated him with fairness since she did not go forward and give him a beatingif she were to take care of him one day, it would only be if she had nothing better to do!

Dream on!

Nian Xiaomu patted her butt to brush off the dust and was prepared to head back to her room after glaring at him with an annoyed look.

Just when she took her first step forward, the low and deep voice of a man sounded from behind her, “There would be a bonus for you.”


In a war of revolution, it was necessary to have the ability to resist the enemy’s sugar-coated artillery shells in order to reach the road to victory.

At this point in time, she should clench her teeth, maintain her integrity, and reply that she did not give a damn about the bonus.


Nian Xiaomu only hesitated for a second before she turned around; her tiny face that had just been filled with disgust a moment ago changed and became full of smiles in an instant. “It’s my honor to be able to take care of Young Master. It doesn’t matter if I receive a bonus for it, but since Young Master insisted on giving it to me, I shall accept it with reluctance.”

Nian Xiaomu suddenly took a big stride forward and appeared before him. Looking at him with an anxious look, she asked, “How much would it be?”


As Yu Yuehan looked at Nian Xiaomu, who changed her facial expression at such a fast speed that it was comparable to the speed of flipping through a book, the corner of his mouth twitched.

However, his gaze unknowingly changed and became gentle when he recalled that she was doing this because she wanted to help Tan Bengbeng pay off her apartment mortgage. He replied faintly, “It depends on your performance.”

As he finished this sentence, he pointed his finger at his body and added, “My shoulder is a little sore, and I have a slight headache as well.”

Nian Xiaomu was a nurseapart from taking care of patients, she knew of basic massage skills as well.

The moment she heard that it was such a simple request, she threw her bag onto the sofa without a second thought and walked behind him.

Then, she massaged him.

Her fair fingers were as soft as jelly, and he felt a cooling touch when the tips of her fingers came into contact with his body.

Yu Yuehan’s eyes flickered. The next moment, he relaxed his entire body and leaned against the sofa.

The faint fragrance of her body drifted in and out of his nostrils; when compared to the massage, this scent had greater efficacy in calming him down.

Very quickly, Yu Yuehan shut his eyes

“Young Master, is this massage strength okay for you?”

“What about this?”

“You might feel some pain at the start of the massage if your shoulders are strained, so you need to bear with it”

When Nian Xiaomu started talking at the beginning, she would still receive one word replies from the man.

Toward the end, his voice almost couldn’t be heard, and she was the only one who was muttering to herself.

After Nian Xiaomu massaged him for a while, she reckoned that he would be thirsty, so she went to get him a cup of warm water and placed it in front of him.

When she noticed that he did not say anything, she continued with her massage.

She was timing the session gleefully in her heart.

She had massaged him for such a long duration and her attitude was great as wellshe should earn quite a bit of bonus today if Yu Yuehan was in a good mood

Nian Xiaomu let out a huge grin the moment she thought about the hefty sum of the bonus.

She continued her massage even more diligently.

“Young Master? Young Master?”

After massaging for a while, she suddenly noticed that the atmosphere was too quiet and that it seemed a little too strange.

Why did he have no reactions at all when her hands were already sore from the massage?

Could he have fallen asleep?

Nian Xiaomu stopped the massage and walked over to the front of the sofa. Sweeping a glance over, she realized that the man on the sofa had his eyes fully shut with a steady rate in his breathingit seemed that he had really fallen asleep

A porcelain-like brilliance penetrated his handsome face under the dim light.

His complexion was comparable to a girl’s with his thin and delicate layer of soft hair

As Nian Xiaomu watched him, she couldn’t help it and stooped down while moving toward him. She reached out her hand and wanted to touch him

Just when her hand was about to make contact with his body, the man before her suddenly opened his eyes!

Both of them met eye to eye; Nian Xiaomu was so startled that her eyes grew wide and she fell to the ground as her legs turned jelly.

As she lifted her head up in a hurry, it just so happened that he lowered his head and stared at her. Without warning, both of them kissed!