The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 228

Chapter 228 Really Just A Little Bit

Nian Xiaomu studied vigorously during her nursing program. As a result, the massage techniques and the amount of pressure she applied were perfect.

Yu Yuehan had originally only wanted to find an excuse to give her a bonus. He had not expected to actually fall asleep during the massage, but the fatigue from a day of hard work must have overcome him after he closed his eyes for a short rest.

However, could someone explain to him why there was a huge person throwing herself at him the moment that he opened his eyes from a brief nap?


He looked back at the person who was right before him, meeting her innocent and harmless eyes. Seeing her shocked face, his eyes narrowed and he forgot how he was supposed to react.

One of her hands was pressing against his thigh.

It was rather difficult to maintain this position, and she was just about to slide off the sofa

When Yu Yuehan saw that her body was falling over, he subconsciously reached out to grab her waist and pulled her toward himself!

Their lips finally parted.

Nian Xiaomu snapped back to her senses when her head bumped into his chest.

She used her hands to prop herself up and bounced off his body like she was jumping on a trampoline.

Her cute little face flushed a bright red immediately.

Her small mouth opened, closed, and opened again.

She looked like she wanted to say something, but was too embarrassed to speak.

In the end, she stood helplessly in front of him with her head bowed like a child who had made a mistake. “I thought you were sleeping and only wanted to wake you up. I wasn’t trying to take advantage of you,” she explained meekly.


“It’s true. I swear I only accidentally touched your lips a little bit! Just a little bit! There was no feeling!” Nian Xiaomu quickly lowered her head after she was done speaking.

Previously, she could just run away when she made him upset.

Today, she couldn’t do that.

She had worked for this bonus. If she were to run away now, wouldn’t her hard work go to waste?

The deadline for Tan Bengbeng’s apartment mortgage was looming closely. She could not just give up now.

If only she had not stared at him just now. It was only a second longer, yet she could not control herself

She had only wanted to touch his face, but now she had kissed him accidentally.

It was rumored that Yu Yuehan had not touched a woman in years. Surely this wasn’t because he had something against women?

Before this, their lips had touched, but both of them had been responsible for that accident. This time though, she had thrown herself into his arms. She had no excuse and no way to shirk responsibility.

What if he got so angry with her that he deducted her bonus?

Nian Xiaomu panicked at the thought of this.

As her fingers fidgeted anxiously, she asked cautiously, “If you feel like you have suffered a loss, would you would you want to kiss me back?”

When these words came out of her mouth, she was stunned at herself.

She hung her head low, biting her tongue in regret.

The atmosphere in the living room suddenly turned strange.


Nian Xiaomu kept her eyes on the floor and did not see that the ears of the man in front of her had turned a scarlet red ever since the two of them sat up from the sofa.

A pair of deep eyes looked fixedly at the lowered head.

The body sitting on the sofa stiffened.

When he heard her words, an unreadable expression appeared on his face.

His gaze fell upon her red lips

The soft touch of her lips rushed back into his mind.

This feeling wouldn’t go away

Yu Yuehan felt his body become stiffer as even his hands tightened into fists

Seconds turned into minutes.

Nian Xiaomu felt even more worried when he did not respond for such a long time.

Surely he wasn’t really going to kiss her back?