The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 231

Chapter 231 The Riddle Within Her

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Nian Xiaomu’s tiny face crumbled at the thought of this.

The next second, Yu Yuehan released his grip on her. Shifting his gaze away, he spoke in a faint voice, “Wait.”

He turned around and entered the room after saying this.

Walking to his closet, he took out a set of pajamas and prepared to change into it.

Nian Xiaomu was still in a confused state of mind. However, she followed him in unconsciously the moment she heard what he said.

Just when she entered the room, she saw Yu Yuehan grabbing ahold of his towel and preparing to remove it. As she met his cold and brutal gaze, she was so terrified that her body quivered, and she ran out of the room in a mad panic.

She nearly bumped her head against the railing.

As she held the railing with both her hands, she took deep breaths and panted heavily.

Ah! Ah! Ah!

Why had she followed him in?

She had just kissed him on accident the previous moment, yet now, she rushed into his room in an open and aboveboard manner… Even she herself was beginning to suspect that she was a retard, let alone Yu Yuehan!

“Come in.”

Nian Xiaomu only heard the faint voice of a man coming from the room a few minutes later.

She turned around and headed in hurriedly.

As she entered the room, she realized that the man who had been standing by the closet just now was already seated on the luxurious sofa.

A grave and alienated feeling pierced through that handsome face.

Crossing his long and slender legs while one hand supported his head, he raised his eyebrows and stared at her. With a guilty look, she walked to him step by step.

A paper check laid on the coffee table in front of him.

Nian Xiaomu turned starry eyed the moment she saw the money.

She no longer remembered her fear. Without a second thought, she marched up to him and prepared to reach out her hand to receive the money.

Before her hand could reach the check, he was one step ahead and picked up the check from the coffee table first.

Nian Xiaomu: “…”

Wasn’t that for her?

Yu Yuehan noticed her confused expression and shifted the check in his hand to her direction.

Nian Xiaomu had always been very sensitive toward numbersshe took just one look and noticed that the amount on the check was the exact amount of money that she currently needed!

It was practically prepared just for her.

However, it had far exceeded the amount that she should have received for her bonus…

What did he mean by this?

“I can’t take your money just like this without doing anything.” Nian Xiaomu blurted this sentence out in an almost subconscious manner.

After she finished her sentence, Yu Yuehan shot a icy cold glance at her; he seemed like he was mocking her naivet with that cynical expression of his.

Opening his mouth, he spoke unhurriedly, “For the surplus amount, just take it as a loan from me. You can repay the debt with your body and can only leave once you have repaid all your debts.”

“Dream on! I am not for sale!” Nian Xiaomu covered her chest with both her arms; she bounced two meters away and stared at him with a vigilant look.

Yu Yuehan’s face darkened. “What I meant was, you can work in the Yu Corporation and use your salary to repay the debt!”

Nian Xiaomu: “…”

She had thought too much into it.

It was so awkward now… How should she reply to him?

Nian Xiaomu shifted her body toward him carefully. She took a look at the check in his hand and acknowledged her mistake rapidly, “Young Master, I am in the wrong and will do whatever you say. I will definitely work hard in the future and earn more bonuses so that I can repay my debt as soon as possible.”

As Nian Xiaomu spoke on, her tiny hands were already advancing toward the check in his hand.

However, he lifted his long fingers and avoided her before her hand could come into contact with the check.

Nian Xiaomu: “???”

She was so agitated that she nearly pounced on him in order to snatch the check.

Nonetheless, she held back her emotions forcibly. Twisting her head around, she looked at him obediently. Using a gentle voice that would even raise goosebumps on her own body, she asked, “Young Master, are there any more instructions for me?”

“Answer this question for me.” Looking at her impatient little face, he collected his gaze and opened his thin lips.

“Why were you hospitalized at that time?”