The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 232

Chapter 232 The Considerate Young Master Han

Since no information could be obtained from any of the leads, he would make her answer this question personally.

Who was she?

Why had she been hospitalized?

Where was her family?

“” Nian Xiaomu had not expected him to ask this question. Startled, she shifted her gaze immediately and stared directly at the check in his hand. She was afraid that the check, which was just one step away from her, would vanish if she gave the wrong answer.

Her lips stayed pursed for a very long time.

Yu Yuehan took a glance at her face that seemed to be tangled up with thoughts and said in an apathetic tone, “I will only listen to the truth.”

The moment he finished his sentence, enlightenment seemed to have dawned on Nian Xiaomu. She lifted her head up rapidly and said, “I don’t know either.”


“You were the one who said that you wanted to listen to the truththis is the truth!” As she spoke, she reached her hand out at lightning speed and snatched the check away from his hands. After that, she turned around and ran away after waving at him gleefully.

She dashed back to her room without stopping and only leaned against the door to catch her breath after she had closed the door.

As the question that he had asked just now flashed past her brain, her pair of eyes dimmed slightly.

She was not lying about what she had said just now.

She was already in the hospital when she regained consciousness.

Tan Bengbeng was the one who had saved her life.

However, Tan Bengbeng had merely found her at the entrance of the hospitalNian Xiaomu had no family or friends around her and did not even know her own identity

If she hadn’t been lucky and hadn’t meet Tan Bengbeng, perhaps she might have already disappeared from this world.

Nian Xiaomu walked to her bed and dove straight into her blanket.

She wrapped her entire body up from head to toe as she rolled in her blanket. A long while later, she stuck her head out of the blanket again.

A bright ray of light penetrated from her animated eyes as she focused and stared at the ceiling.

Something was not right.

How did Yu Yuehan know about the incident when she was hospitalized?

Or about the amount of money on this check

Nian Xiaomu sat up from her bed again. She turned on the bedside lamp and placed the check that was clenched in her fist under the light.

Then, she took a detailed look at the amount that was written on it.

It was indeed the exact same amount of money that she needed

Had he investigated her?

Well, that was to be expectedthe rich are afraid of death. Someone like him must have investigated the background of each and every person that was around him.

In that case, had he known that she needed money urgently and specially extended a helping hand to her?

Come to think of it, he wasn’t that cold and ruthless after all

The next day.

Nian Xiaomu was awoken by a phone call.

Reaching out, she grabbed the phone and took a look at the screen. When she realized that it was a call from Chen Zixin, she answered it promptly, “President Chen Jr.”

She started to sit up from her bed as she spoke.

How had she forgotten about a character like Chen Zixin!

As she recalled the awkward situation when they had parted ways yesterday, she felt that there was still a need to provide an explanation.

“That Regarding the matter yesterday, Young Master Han and I actually”

“Supervisor Nian, I am already here at the Yu Corporation. When will you be coming over? Can I treat you to breakfast?” Chen Zixin interrupted her and asked.

Nian Xiaomu cursed Yu Yuehan silently in her heart.

Look at what he had done!

Why had he mentioned “going home” out of nowhere? President Chen Jr. must have misunderstood their relationship with each other now and wanted to seek verification from her.

She was just a supervisor with a low position and was not an important person.

However, it was different for Yu Yuehan!

She still had to take great troubles to explain on his behalf, lest his reputation became “tainted.”

“I will be arriving at the office in around half an hour.”

After Nian Xiaomu scheduled a meet up time with Chen Zixin, she washed up in a rush and headed out after she had changed her clothes.

At the moment that she left the house, Yu Yuehan’s upright figure appeared at the top of the staircase, and he strolled down slowly.

When he saw the disappearing view of her back, he frowned and asked, “Where is she heading to in such a hurry?”

As the butler turned around and saw him, he went up to Yu Yuehan promptly and said, “Young Master, Nian Xiaomu did not say anything about this except for the fact that she had complained about how early the Little Sunshine woke up everyday when she was putting on her shoes.”