The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 234

Chapter 234 Another Eye Witness

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As Yu Yuehan wrapped his arms around her waist subconsciously, he noticed that a tiny head full of hair was sticking to his chest the moment he looked down.

A few strands of hair at top of her head swayed away under the gentle force of the breeze.

For some reason, it looked very adorable.

It made one have an urge to give her head a rub.

Even though she looked very professional during work, she acted in a very reckless manner whenever she was with him. Did he really impose such an uneasy feeling in her?

Just when Yu Yuehan was about to support her with his hands and steady her, he noticed a stunned Chen Zixin standing at the roadside from the corner of his eyes. Suddenly, the arms that were holding on to her tightened, and he unknowingly pressed her against his chest.

He did not hesitate a single bit, and his actions were very smooth as he acted on his instincts.

He did not understand his own actions either.

The gloomy feeling within him seemed to have dispersed after he saw Chen Zixin’s expression, which had turned from a look of astonishment into a look of disappointment.

He placed all of his attention on Chen Zixin and did not realize that his own body and Nian Xiaomu’s body were positioned in a very intimate manner…

Nian Xiaomu’s entire body was buried in his embrace with her face resting on his chest. In addition, he was also hugging her thin waist with his other arm.

Both of them looked like a passionately in love couple who were hugging each other.

Anyone who saw them would misunderstand and be at a loss for words, let alone Chen Zixin!

“Young Master Han, you… you guys…” Chen Zixin walked forward.

Just when he was about to say something, a clear and elegant voice sounded from close by, “Young Master Han!”

Wen Yadai, who had just alighted from her car, closed her car door forcefully and walked forward in their direction.

She had initially recognized Yu Yuehan from the view of his back. Excited, she was planning to head forward and greet him when she noticed that someone was deep in his embrace as she approached him…

The smile on her face froze immediately when she saw that it was Nian Xiaomu in his arms.

Her facial expression turned completely ugly in an instant…

“Manager Wen, you have returned already?” Nian Xiaomu lifted her head up from Yu Yuehan’s embrace. When she returned to her senses, she wanted to back away in a hurry, but Yu Yuehan’s arm was still wrapped around her waist, so she could not move a single inch.

Reaching her hands out, she patted on his arms at once and whispered, “Quickly release your grip!”

Previously, she had taken great pains to explain the situation to Chen Zixin, but now, it looked like she would have to explain it again to Wen Yadai.

Yu Yuehan cast a glance at her nervous little face when he heard what she said and raised his eyebrows. “You threw yourself into my embrace, but you’re blaming me for it now?”

Nian Xiaomu: “…”

Yes, yes, yes. She was in the wrong.

She should be utterly appreciative of his efforts to save her.

However, it was not the time to discuss this nowthe whole world might have the misunderstanding that he had feelings for her if he continued to embrace her!

“Were you hurt anywhere?” Yu Yuehan did not seem to care about others’ opinions of him; he released his grip on her slowly and scanned her from top to bottom.

He only turned his body sideways and looked at Wen Yadai when Nian Xiaomu shook her head. He opened his mouth slightly and asked, “You came back early?”

When Wen Yadai heard that, she instantly lifted her face that was full of confidence and said proudly, “Yes, I managed to contact Mr. Lombardi during my recent trip to Italy after great difficulties. He was willing to give our team a chance and agreed to collaborate with us if we passed the on-site inspection.”

Mr. Lombardi was a top designer in Italy.

He owned a studio and had an small, but outstanding, team of his own.

The Yu Corporation had always wanted to work with Lombardi, but not once had he agreed to it.

It was truly unexpected for Wen Yadai to successfully invite him!

As such, it was no wonder she could flash such a confident smileWen Yadai was indeed so very outstanding that no one could find any problems with her work.

“Not bad.” Yu Yuehan flashed her a quiet gaze and prepared to walk back to the office after he finished his sentence.

However, Wen Yadai stopped him hurriedly and said, “Young Master Han, I rushed all the way back and have not had breakfast yet. Since you praised me for my work, could you do me the honor and have a meal with me?”