The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 235

Chapter 235 Teach Her A Lesson

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After Wen Yadai spoke, she took a side glance at Nian Xiaomu.

When she recalled the sight of Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu hugging each other, a streak of dull light flickered past her face.

She had worked so hard for the sake of the Yu Corporation. Nian Xiaomu, on the other hand, was using her beauty to seduce men. Besides throwing herself at Yu Yuehan, what else was she good at?

How could Nian Xiaomu compare with her?

Wen Yadai wanted Yu Yuehan to agree to have breakfast with her so that she could get back at Nian Xiaomu.

After waiting for over 10 seconds and still not getting a response from Yu Yuehan, she began to feel anxious.

She had already made it so clear to him. Wouldn’t he have just one meal with her?

If she were to be rejected in front of Nian Xiaomu, then the person who would be humiliated would be her and not Nian Xiaomu!

Wen Yadai’s eyes rolled to the side, and she reached out to hold her forehead before saying, “I think I’m feeling a bit dizzy from hunger.”

It was difficult to disregard how weak she looked.

Chen Zixin was an outsider among them. Yu Yuehan would appear to be too hard-hearted toward such a diligent employee if he did not respond back sympathetically.

“Sure,” Yu Yuehan replied coolly.

Hearing this, Wen Yadai immediately broke into a radiant, yet shy, smile.

Just when she was about to ask Yu Yuehan where they were heading to eat, she saw that he was not even looking at her. Instead, he looked at Nian Xiaomu and told her, “You come as well.”

Wen Yadai’s lips that had just curled upward froze to the sides of her face.

The color of her face turned green, then purple.

Despite her efforts, she was not able to get Yu Yuehan’s attention. Nian Xiaomu, however, was able to do it so easily!

“Me?” Nian Xiaomu pointed at her own nose in surprise.

Before she could reply to Yu Yuehan, a neglected Chen Zixin stepped forward anxiously and said, “Master Han, Supervisor Nian and I already have a breakfast date.”

A streak of light flashed past Wen Yadai’s face when she heard Chen Zixin’s words. She walked over to Yu Yuehan and placed herself next to him. “Master Han, since Supervisor Nian has a date, you shouldn’t force her to come. It seems like Supervisor Nian and President Chen Jr. are on very good terms.”

Although her words appeared normal, they had a hidden meaning. She was hinting that Nian Xiaomu and Chen Zixin had something going on between them.

Chen Zixin might not match up to Yu Yuehan, but he was the heir to Sheng Da Science and Technology.

He was from a favorable background, had a good temperament, and did not have any of the bad habits that a typical rich, second-generation heir might have!

There were scores of women who liked him.

In Wen Yadai’s eyes, Nian Xiaomu was not even good enough for him!

After she spoke, Yu Yuehan’s face darkened.

His body exuded an aura of frostiness.

His gaze swept past Chen Zixin and landed on Nian Xiaomu’s tiny face. Then, he opened his mouth and said, “Good timing. Let’s go together.”

A date became a double-date!

Wen Yadai could hardly take it lying down, but she did not dare to retaliate.

Now, she could only hope that Chen Zixin would not agree to it.

Wen Yadai was about to seek Chen Zixin’s opinion when she saw that Yu Yuehan had already turned away and was walking toward the restaurant.

Gritting her teeth, she could only follow behind him!

They had returned to the same restaurant as last time, but the private room this time was the room that Nian Xiaomu had been talking about.

When she entered the private room, she crossed her arms and surveyed the surroundings.

“What do you see?” Yu Yuehan’s gaze had always been on her. Seeing that she had been studying the oil painting on the wall for a while, he stepped forward and stood behind her as he asked her the question.

Before Nian Xiaomu could reply, Wen Yadai spoke first and said, “Master Han, this is one of Oliviero’s greatest works. Although it is an imitation, people who do not know anything about oil paintings would not be able tell anything about it. Aren’t you making things difficult for Supervisor Nian?”