The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 237

Chapter 237 If She Liked Something She Would Show It

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As long as Yu Yuehan confirmed that it was an imitation piece, what Nian Xiaomu said would no longer matter!

Why did a nurse like her act like she was an expert? What could a nurse know about art?

She must have also made up the so-called tiny habits of the artist as well.

It must be fake!

As these thoughts flowed into Wen Yadai’s mind, she reached out and grabbed onto Yu Yuehan’s arm, gazing at him with a look full of hope.

She would never believe that with Nian Xiaomu’s status, she actually had the ability to know about something that even she herself could not decipher!

Yu Yuehan had been standing behind Nian Xiaomu all this time and had kept his gaze on her little head full of hair. However, the expression in his gaze flickered when he heard what she said.

The gaze in his eyes especially deepened as he noticed the confident and calm manner that she displayed when she talked about the artwork of the artist.

He seemed to be seeing through her mind with that scorching gaze of his…

A long while later, he finally spoke. In an indifferent manner, he said, “I sent someone to deliver the painting here.”

Wen Yadai’s face turned ghastly pale with that simple sentence of his!

Since Yu Yuehan was the one who had ordered someone to deliver the artwork here, it couldn’t be an imitation piece…

Nian Xiaomu had actually gotten it righta nurse with a dubious background had actually defeated Wen Yadai right in front of Yu Yuehan.

Wen Yadai’s face turned ugly, and she absolutely did not have the guts to respond.

Just when she wanted to pretend that she did not understand anything and wanted to tell the others to start eating their meals, Chen Zixin, who had kept silent all this time, squeezed up to the front abruptly and took a few glances at the artwork.

All of a sudden, he spoke up, “I don’t have much knowledge about this subject and certainly could not tell its authenticity. Manager Wen actually had a misjudgment, much to my surprise… In that case, you’re really awesome, Supervisor Nianyou could actually tell that this piece of artwork was an authentic painting just from one look.”

The atmosphere in the private room turned strange with the sudden praise.

Wen Yadai could no longer smile.

She finally understood the meaning of lifting up a rock and slamming it on one’s own foot!

She could only laugh along awkwardly and anxiously stare at Yu Yuehan, hoping that he would provide her with a graceful way to back out of this situation.

However, Yu Yuehan kept his gaze on Nian Xiaomu the whole time and did not look Wen Yadai in the eye even once…

She stood there like a circus clown.

When the four of them sat down at the dining table once again, the atmosphere had already changed because of a painting.

Wen Yadai had just been humiliated, and she was absolutely too embarrassed to start a conversation topic at this point in time.

Meanwhile, Chen Zixin only had eyes for Nian Xiaomu. As a result, she was the only person that he was concerned about the entire time. “Supervisor Nian, there are quite a few delicious dim sum dishes in this restaurant. Shall I recommend a few more to you?”

He continued speaking before Nian Xiaomu could even reply to him.

“Will the steamed shrimp dumplings be alright?”

“Would you like to eat the specialty chicken feet?”

“What about the steamed scallop?”


His actions of being particularly attentive to Nian Xiaomu made it seem like she was the only lady hereWen Yadai, on the other hand, seemed to be transparent in his eyes!

Indignant, Wen Yadai gritted her teeth. She mustered her courage and glanced at Yu Yuehan, who sat across her.

“Young Master Han, I am not very familiar with this restaurant eithercould you recommend some dishes for me?”


Even though Yu Yuehan was seated in his seat and Wen Yadai was just across from him, his gaze was fixated diagonally across from himself at Nian Xiaomu. Nian Xiaomu, however, could not pull her gaze away from the menu.

She was very different from all the daughters born into those rich familiesshe was herself; the pure girl who stayed true to herself.

If she liked something, she would show itshe would never conceal her thoughts and feelings.

However, she was like a mystery as well; nobody knew where she came from or what experiences she had encountered.

Furthermore, there were the seemingly weird, but in fact, stunning tricks that she had up her sleeve…

She could identify the oil painting with just one look, whereas even Wen Yadai was unable to decipher its authenticity.

Even though she made it sound easy when she talked about the tiny painting habits of Master Oliviero, from what Chen Zixin knew, there were less than 10 people who knew about this quirk. In that case, how did she know about it?