The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 240

Chapter 240 A Candlelight Dinner

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“Supervisor Nian, feel free to let me know if there’s anything you need,” Wang Miaomiao walked to her and said in a polite manner.

“Manager Wen valued this project very greatly and even made a few trips down to Italy. She had scheduled at least 10 meetings with Mr. Lombardi before she managed to convince him to come over personally to do an on-site inspection for the collaboration. I myself also hope that we can clinch this project.”

As Wang Miaomiao did not intentionally lower her volume when she spoke, many of the other employees around them overheard their conversation.

All of a sudden, the public relations department was filled with people singing praises for Wen Yadai.

“Manager Wen was also the one who had personally handled the previous project with Sheng Da Science and Technology, and she managed to clinch the deal with President Chen.”

“That wasn’t the only timeit was the same for the collaboration with Xintai the previous time as well…”

“Everybody has a lighter workload in our department because we have Manager Wen around. To be honest, it is very rare to meet a leader like Manager Wen who is so capable, but also an easy going person at the same time.”

“Manager Wen must have met with numerous rejections before she managed to invite Lombardi over to do an on-site inspection. I really hope that she will not be disappointed. Supervisor Nian, you can let me know if you have anything that you need help withwe will help you as long as we have the time,” a colleague suddenly told her this.

Everyone around echoed along and agreed as well.

As Nian Xiaomu was sitting at her seat looking at the documents, she frowned when she suddenly realized that everyone was looking in her direction.

It was a fact that it was unknown whether a project with an on-site inspection could be successfully clinched.

Originally, it could only be concluded that both parties did not have the affinity for collaboration if the deal could not be clinched. However, at this point in time, since the emotions among the colleagues had already been stirred up by Wang Miaomiao, it would become Nian Xiaomu’s fault for trampling on Wen Yadai’s hard work if the entire deal collapsed.

Since Wen Yadai had indeed put in great effort toward this project, why did she change the person in charge at the last minute and chose not to receive Mr. Lombardi personally?

This doubt spiraled in Nian Xiaomu’s mind.

“I will familiarize myself with all the information that is related to Mr. Lombardi as soon as possible and do my job by receiving him. However, I will need you to help me confirm the itinerary of the other party.” Nian Xiaomu’s gaze shifted toward Wang Miaomiao.

Wang Miaomiao nodded her head and said, “I have already contacted Mr. Lombardi’s assistant and am currently waiting for his reply.”

The colleagues surrounding them started to disperse and work on their individual workloads. As Nian Xiaomu flipped through the information in her hand, she still felt that something was amiss. With a frown creasing her forehead, she sat in her chair lost in thought.

Just as she was pondering about what felt amiss, Wang Miaomiao walked to her and said, “Supervisor Nian, it has been confirmed. The flight scheduled for Mr. Lombardi and his team will land in City H at 11 AM tomorrow morning. You will need to head over and greet them after their flight.”

11 AM in the morningthe remaining time was still fairly sufficient.

Just after Nian Xiaomu heaved a sigh of relief and prepared to continue reading the information, her cell phone rang…

On the other end.

In the president’s office.

The large area had been locked in a state of low pressure ever since Yu Yuehan came back.

Even though he was seated at the office desk, he could not focus on reading the documents before him and Wen Yadai’s ridicule kept on echoing in his ears as well.

“Young Master Han, look at Supervisor Nian and President Chen Jr.they have such a good relationship with each other…”

The cheerful and sweet look that Nian Xiaomu displayed before Chen Zixin seemed to appear before his eyes as well.

That happy look of hers disappeared the moment she met him.

Her expression looked exactly as if she thought that he would devour her…

Yu Yuehan reached out and tugged at his tie grumpily. The next second, he saw his assistant enter the room and report, “Young Master Han, I heard that Manager Wen handed the project with Sheng Da Science and Technology over to another colleagueshe picked Supervisor Nian to take over the negotiation of the collaboration with Lombardi.”


“One more thing, President Chen Jr. is here againhe is standing right at the entrance of the public relations department and wants to invite Supervisor Nian to a candlelight dinner.”