The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 245

Chapter 245 I Like It I Like It Very Much

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Yu Yuehan stood in front of her and took in her expression with his deep gaze. His heart stirred a little.

For the first time, he was giving a woman roses.

While he was full of anticipation to see her reaction, he was also worried that she would discover something more.

When she did not react after a long time, he frowned and said, “If you do not like it, I’ll get someone to dump it.”

As he spoke, he reached out to take the roses from her hands.

As his arms were stretching out, Nian Xiaomu ducked and jumped backward, calling out, “Don’t dump it! I like it! I like it very much!”

This was the first time he said that he was giving her a present.

Although it was odd to give her roses, it made him seem more humane this way.

Moreover, the roses were so beautiful. It would be a pity to throw them away.

Clutching the roses tightly in her arms and before Yu Yuehan could say anything back to her, Nian Xiaomu placed the bouquet onto the chair nearest to her.

Sensing that he was not going to go on about the roses, she set her mind at ease and turned around to put a bib on Xiao Liuliu to prepare her for dinner.

The chef had prepared a kid’s meal for Xiao Liuliu. It was steak paired with fries.

Nian Xiaomu cut up the steak into small pieces, then passed the fork to Xiao Liuliu so that she could eat it on her own.

After that, she pulled out the chair across from Yu Yuehan and sat down.

As soon as she sat down, the butler placed a plate of steak in front of her and poured a glass of red wine for her.

The dark crimson of the wine in the tall glass reflected a glow from the lights above.

Just like Yu Yuehan who was opposite her, it was elegant and mysterious.

Both of them were served the same steak and red wine. When Nian Xiaomu sat down, the lights were dimmed.

The butler brought out a lit candle, and when he put it down onto the table, she was still staring at Yu Yuehan, who was seated across from her.

When she suddenly realized there was a lit candle in the middle of the table, she felt stupefied.

In her mind, the words “candlelight dinner” flashed.

When she realized that her thoughts were inappropriate, she picked up the wine glass and gulped down a big mouthful of wine.

She was too hasty and choked a little.

Before she could regain her composure, Yu Yuehan had already stood up from his seat. Picking up a napkin, his long body leaned over the table as he wiped the wine stains on the sides of her mouth.

“Drink it slowly. No one is going to fight you for it.”

His low voice did not sound cold like it usually did. Instead, there was a tinge of indulgence in it.

That was it.

Why did her alcohol tolerance level drop so low? She only had a sip, yet she was now hallucinating.

She actually felt that the iceberg had become gentle toward her…

“Why aren’t you eating the steak? You don’t like it?” Yu Yuehan knitted his brow.

“… I like it.” Nian Xiaomu snapped back to her senses, quickly picked up her cutlery, and lowered her head to eat the steak.

The juicy and tender beef steak stimulated the taste buds.

Nian Xiaomu turned her focus to the food and joyfully took bite after bite.

She completely failed to notice that Yu Yuehan, who was sitting opposite her, had stopped eating after only a few mouthfuls.

Crossing his arms and resting his chin on one of his arms, his eyes were filled with adoration as he looked at her…

Seeing that she had finished the wine in her glass, he immediately instructed the butler to pour her another glass.

Nian Xiaomu did not act coy about it since she was a good drinker. This bit of wine wasn’t a problem for her.

Today, however, she could not understand why after a few glasses of red wine, she suddenly felt her mouth turn dry and her throat felt scorched.

Looking at Yu Yuehan, who was sitting in front of her, she felt a strange and hot sensation within her…

She put the empty wine glass down and raised her hands to pat her own face.

“I think I’m drunk…”