The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 246

Chapter 246 I Won't Won't Lie To You

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As Nian Xiaomu spoke, she stuffed the last bit of steak into her mouth, chewed on it, and swallowed it.

Satisfied with her meal, she did not forget to pick up the roses from the chair next to her before turning to greet Yu Yuehan, “Master Han, I’ll return to my room to put these roses into a vase.”

After speaking, she took a step and felt that she was floating in the air.

Losing her balance, she almost fell down.

Hugging the big bouquet of roses in her arms, she could not hold on to anything in time.

Just when she thought that she was about to fall to the ground, a pair of strong arms had already grabbed hold of her tightly.

With a tug, he drew her into his arms.

“You are drunk.” He was sure about it.

Nian Xiaomu did not rebuke him, but obediently nodded her head and flashed a silly smile at him. “Master Han, the red wine in your house is so yummy!”

Yu Yuehan: “…”

He did not have the heart to tell her that he had saved this red wine for a long time.

It was flavorful and had a strong after effect.

At the start, one would only feel that it was exceptionally tasty. Later on, it would definitely knock out the person.

This was why he only took one glass and did not have another.

She had the gall to drink up his precious vintage wine like it was plain water. It was no surprise that she was drunk!

“I’ll hold on to you as you walk back.” Yu Yuehan’s eyes flickered, but he did not pursue the issue of the butler taking out a bottle from his precious wine collection.

He tightened his grip on her and pinned her under his shoulder as he dragged her back to her bedroom.

Just as he opened her bedroom door and was about to lead her to her bed, Nian Xiaomu wriggled out of his arms.

Rubbing the back of her neck, she whined, “Young Master, you’ll forever stay a bachelor if you were to send a girl home like this in future!”

Her neck was almost wrung off by him!

Nian Xiaomu had drunk a bit of wine and was feeling a bit euphoric. Her mind was in a blur, but her guts were pumped up.

Seeing Yu Yuehan in a daze at the door, she gleefully walked over to him and pulled him over by his neck tie.

Then, stifling a laugh, she lifted his arm and put it onto her shoulder.

Her slender body leaned into his arms, and she muttered, “Only like this will it be comfortable… hic!”

Letting out a hiccup, her delicate and cute face turned even redder.

She was starting to stutter, but she did not realize it and continued yakking, “You should hug this way. Shall I teach you how again?”


“You have to be gentle to girls. Your handsome looks are wasted on you. Who wouldn’t be afraid of your long face? If I didn’t treat you like family, I wouldn’t tell you so much.”


“You’re really very handsome. I’ve never… never seen anyone as good looking as you. I guarantee that if you smile, all the girls in the world will fall for you. I won’t, won’t lie to you!”

By the time Nian Xiaomu was done speaking, she was already in a daze.

Her head was leaning and nodding against Yu Yuehan’s chest.

Just when Yu Yuehan thought that she was about to doze off, she suddenly lifted her head and went to shut the door.

Then, she turned around, pressed him against the door, and leaned closely toward him.

“Young Master, I just remembered that I accidentally kissed you last time, but you haven’t kissed me back.”

Yu Yuehan: “…”

The faint smell of wine mixed with the scent of her body and drifted to his nose.

Her weak and limp hand pressed against his chest as she tried to stand on tiptoe in order to see eye to eye with him, but she was still half a head shorter than him.