The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 250

Chapter 250 Trying Not To Own Up?

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Yu Yuehan reached out and massaged his temple. When he recalled the series of events that had happened after midnight, he frowned as his head throbbed in pain.

He had never seen a woman who was so good at making chaos in his life.

The previous second, she was still hugging him and was seemingly trying to conspire fraudulently. At the same time, she also tried to flirt with him in a bold and confident manner.

The next second, she shrank back into the bed pitifully and talked to him about life while wrapped in her blanket.

Before she was done with her stories about life, she complained that she was tired and snuggled into his arms for a hug.

He controlled his temper and coaxed her to sleep. Just when she was about to lie down, she jumped on his back and said that she wanted to ride on his back!

Ride on his back… For goodness sake!!!

It was the first time in Yu Yuehan’s entire life that a female older than three years old had requested a piggyback ride from him. Treating him like a horse, she shouted, “Go, go, go” with all her might!

He had definitely depleted all the kindness in this lifetime of his by not breaking her neck on the spot at that time!

Just when he thought that she was tired from riding and finally wanted to stop, she seemed to have snapped a nerve somewhere and started to bawl loudly.

Like a kid, she recounted her grievance with slurred words.

At the end, she even grabbed his expensive shirt and swiftly used it to blow her nose.

Teary-eyed, she looked at himat this point in time, his gaze looked like he was about to tear her apart into a million pieces.

“Young Master, did I dirty your clothes?”


“It’s alright. You can remove it, and I’ll wash it for you; I am very good at washing clothes and they always end up very clean.”

Before she finished her piece, she went forward and peeled his clothes off his body.

She stubbornly peeled his shirt off of him. Hugging it in her arms, she rushed into the washroom and said that she wanted to wash his clothes.

In the end, she mistook the toilet bowl for the basinthat was how she tarnished his shirt to the extent that it could no longer be revived…

If he had been even one step later in entering the washroom, she might have even dunked herself into the toilet bowl and had a thorough wash in it!

After she had managed to make a mess out of almost everything, she finally calmed down when dawn was breaking.

Dragging him by her side, she pressed him onto the bed and used him as a bolster before she went to sleep happily.

Contrary to what he had expected, she fell asleep once her head made contact with the pillow.

However, it was the first time Yu Yuehan had ever been treated as a human bolster pillow during his sleep. Furthermore, she kept on fidgeting so much in his embrace that he was boiling from head to toe.

How could he fall asleep like this!

He was not someone who would tolerate any grievances. Reaching out subconsciously, he had wanted to push her away. However, when he noticed her sweet and obedient sleeping expression from the corner of his eye, his hand that was grabbing her shoulder no longer had the strength to push her away.

He left it as it was, allowing her to hug his body and do whatever she wanted in his embrace.

She was also mumbling, “Xiao Liuliu, be obedient… Pretty Sister loves Xiao Liuliu the most…”

She kept on thinking about his daughter even though she was hugging him.

This must be the only time Yu Yuehan felt totally disregarded in his entire life!

She had completely crushed the ego of a man.

She seemed to be the one who enjoyed it the mostshe could push all the blame of what she had done to the God of Dreams when she woke up the next day.

However, she seemed to have some misunderstandings judging from her look that was filled with signs of a guilty conscience.

Yu Yuehan followed her gaze. He lowered his head and glanced down at his bright and clean chest. With a devilish smirk, he started to speak in an apathetic tone.

“What? You’re trying not to own up?”


“That’s true. You had already said yesterday that you would run away after you were done flirting and would not hold any responsibilities for it.”


Nian Xiaomu lifted her head up abruptly and stared fixedly at him.

Following which, her gaze followed his movements as he lifted open the blanket and got out of the bed in a calm manner; he was only wearing a crumpled pair of pants as he strolled in her direction.

He paused in his tracks right in front of her. Lowering his gaze, he stared at her stunned face.

“Have you forgotten everything? Do you need me to help you remember?”

Yu Yuehan’s eyes lit up slightly as he faintly said, “It was nothing much actually. You just hugged me for the entire evening last night. You also insisted on removing my clothes for me and that I accompany you to bed…

Nian Xiaomu: “…!!”