The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 251

Chapter 251 I Believe I Believe

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Remove his clothes!

Forcing him to accompany her to bed!

Nian Xiaomu opened her mouth slightly agape; her pair of eyes seemed like they were about to pop out from their sockets.

Alarmed, she looked at the man before her and said, “Don’t talk nonsense! If there was really something going on between the both of us last night, why are the clothes that I am currently wearing in an untouched state? My body doesn’t feel weird either…”

As Nian Xiaomu spoke, she blushed.

When she woke up just now, she took a glance at the clothes that she was wearingthey were the exact same set of clothes that she had worn yesterday.

In addition, he was wearing pants even though he did not wear a shirt.

It didn’t seem like he had been bullied by her either…

As Yu Yuehan stood upright with his hands behind his back, he stared fixedly at the person in front of him. Looking at her pair of animated eyes that incessantly wandered to and fro over his body, it seemed like she was suspecting that he was incompetent in a particular area of his body because she did not feel a single thing.

The smirk at the corner of his mouth disappeared in an instant.

With a gloomy face, he reached out and pressed against her tiny head. Exerting some force, he said, “Nian Xiaomu, you should know that I still have the ability to break your neck even if I only had one arm.”

A wise man knew better than to fight when the odds were against him. Nian Xiaomu shivered and admitted her mistake hurriedly, “… I believe! I believe!”

After some thinking, she continued and said, “Since you can deal with me with just one arm, it wouldn’t be possible for you to look on helplessly as I took advantage of you. In that case, nothing must have happened yesterday, right?”


“If anything happened, it would definitely be you who took advantage of meI was drunk after all and do not remember anything.”


Yu Yuehan had never imagined that he would be enveloped by this trap.

His pure, dark pupils shrank slightly as he looked at the person before him, whose actions were akin to a fox.

She was right.

If they continued this argument, he would become the one who took advantage of her when she was drunk…

Yu Yuehan knitted her eyebrows. He collected his gaze and opened his mouth faintly.

“I am not someone who could stomach just anybody.”


“In any case, I was forcefully dragged around by someone and used as a human bolster for the entire night. How should we settle this score?” Yu Yuehan leaned his body forward and closed in, backing her up against the wall. With one hand, he forced her into a kabedon situation and lowered his gaze to look at her.

When she heard that nothing had happened between the two of them last night, she heaved an obvious sigh of relief.

For some unknown reason, there was a depressing feeling in his chest when he saw her reaction.

Countless women had tried different means of getting close to him just to be associated with him in some way.

She was the first person he had seen who could laugh out loud from deep down in her heart, even when she was not linked to him in any way.

Her radiant smile was akin to a sunflower.

“Nian Xiaomu, you removed my clothes personally. The ‘corpse’ of my shirt is currently still laying in the toilet bowl of your bathroom.” Yu Yuehan’s mouth opened slightly, and he laughed grimly.

A chill went down Nian Xiaomu’s spine. She laughed along nervously and said, “I’ll compensate you for it?”

“It is a custom-made shirt. As for the price…”

Nian Xiaomu’s body froze the moment she remembered that there was money involved.

It had actually slipped her mind that almost every single item that Yu Yuehan owned had a hefty price tag attached to it.

It was very likely that a single shirt of his was equivalent to her monthly salary.

Furthermore, she still owed him a huge sum of money. If the debt were to continue to snowball like this, she might have to work for the Yu Corporation for her entire life before she could repay her debts!

Suddenly, she looked up with her pair of crystal-clear eyes and said, “Young Master, I suddenly remembered that I have to pick up Mr. Lombardi from the airport this afternoon. It seems like I might not make it on time, so let’s talk when I return!”

As she spoke, she pushed his arm away in a hurry and ran out at lightning speed.

Reaching out, she pulled open the door to the room. Just when she was about to escape, she suddenly thought of something, and she froze in her tracks. Silently, she turned around and retreated backward…