The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 252

Chapter 252 What Exactly Did He Say?

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Her face fell as she looked helplessly at Yu Yuehan, who was casually leaning against the wall with his arms crossed.

“Young Master, this is my room…”

She had neither brushed her teeth nor washed her face. She also had not changed her clothes, so she could not go anywhere.

If Yu Yuehan were to settle the issue with her now, what could she possibly do?

“Put on your clothes first! It stings my eyes!” Nian Xiaomu ran into the bathroom and grabbed a towel. Then, she threw it at him as she covered her eyes and complained.

“What did you say?” Yu Yuehan held the towel with one hand and raised his eyebrow.

Nian Xiao threw a side glance at him, and stretched her hands outward as she replied, “Well, this is sweet revenge for the previous time you had teased me!”

Yu Yuehan: “…”

He should have taken the chance to stuff her into the toilet bowl and flush her away when she was still drunk.

Yu Yuehan’s eyes darkened, and he was just about to drape the towel over himself when he realized that it was wet.

It was only at this moment that Nian Xiaomu found out that in her haste, she had taken out and given him a towel that she had used before.

When her eyes met his suspicious gaze, she quickly straightened up and raised her hands, swearing to him, “It wasn’t intentional! I didn’t realize that I had used it before. Let me get another… Ah!”

Before she could finish speaking, the person in front of her had already thrown the towel over her head with an elegant toss.

Then, he walked toward her and pressed down on her little head when she tried to yank off the towel.

In a low voice, that was still slightly hoarse, he said, “Nian Xiaomu, there are people you cannot just tease and run away from.”

“… Yu Yuehan, I cannot breathe! Let go of your hand!” Nian Xiaomu used her utmost strength to push his arm away and, with much difficulty, managed to pull the towel off of her head. The person in front of her had already left the room.

Her face was flushed red as she stood rooted to the ground. After some time, she finally regained her composure and realized that he seemed to have said something to her.

However, she had almost been smothered by him at that time and had not clearly heard what he said.

Very vaguely, she heard him say “tease” or something…

What exactly had he said?

“Mr. Lombardi!” Nian Xiaomu suddenly recalled her work commitment, quickly dragged away the towel, and dashed into the bathroom.

She speedily washed up, changed her clothes, and picked up her handbag as she left the villa.

It was only 9 AM

There were two more hours until 11 AM. Since there was ample time left, she made a trip to the office to look through the Lombardi documents again.

She wanted to check if he had any special interests.

When Nian Xiaomu got everything ready, she led the reception team to the airport.

When they arrived at the airport, they saw Interpreter Wang Miaomiao run toward them hurriedly. “Why are you only arriving now, Supervisor Nian? Mr. Lombardi hates people who are not punctual!”

“…” Startled by the loud holler, Nian Xiaomu lifted her arm to check the time.


Nian Xiaomu was afraid that the flight would arrive early, so she had even arrived at the airport half an hour early.

How did she end up late?

“Where are Mr. Lombardi and his team?” Nian Xiaomu frowned and asked.

Hearing this, Wang Miaomiao replied impatiently, “They were fatigued by the long journey and even waited for half an hour at the airport. They got so angry that they made their way to the hotel already.”


“Supervisor Nian, I had told you clearly that their flight would land at 10 in the morning. You were late by a whole half hour! If Mr. Lombardi were to cancel the collaboration because of you, will you be able to bear the responsibility?”

Wang Miaomiao spoke very loudly. The entire reception team’s faces changed when they heard what she said!