The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 254

Chapter 254 Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth

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“…” Wang Miaomiao became speechless due to Nian Xiaomu’s domineering attitude.

Looking at the colleagues surrounding them, she could only awkwardly reply, “Shi Ting Grand Hotel.”

“I’ll get the car, Supervisor Nian. We can set off now,” one of the workers in the reception team spoke out.

Then, he immediately turned to retrieve the car.

Everyone left the airport and headed toward the hotel that Mr. Lombardi was staying at.

When they arrived at the hotel, Nian Xiaomu stretched out her hand to stop the staff who were preparing to get out of the car.

“There are too many of us, and a large crowd is jarring to the eyes. We might be stopped by the security at the hotel.”

“So what does Supervisor Nian plan to do?” someone asked.

Nian Xiaomu gave it some thought, then pushed the door open and alighted from the car.

Turning around, she looked at the nervous faces of her colleagues, then finally fixed her gaze upon Wang Miaomiao.

“Interpreter Wang will follow me in. The rest of you are to wait in the car. If I have any updates, I will contact all of you immediately.”

“Just the two of you? Is that okay?” Some of the colleagues did not feel at ease with her instructions.

Nian Xiaomu adjusted her jacket and turned to face the grand hotel lobby. Then, in a secretive tone, she said, “Sometimes, too many cooks spoil the broth!”

Everyone: “…”

No one could guess what Nian Xiaomu was about to do.

Even Wang Miaomiao, who was tagging behind her, had no clue.

However, after being chided by Nian Xiaomu earlier, Wang Miaomiao could tell that she was no dummy. Wang Miaomiao was not going to raise any doubt about Nian Xiaomu’s decision.

She could only follow behind and watch Nian Xiaomu stride confidently into the hotel lobby before stopping at the front desk.

Just when Wang Miaomiao was sure that Nian Xiaomu was going to inquire about Mr. Lombardi’s room number, she saw Nian Xiaomu whip out her identification card and placed it on the front desk.

Then, she coolly said, “We’d like to check into a room.”

Wang Miaomiao: “…!!”

Weren’t they here to persuade Mr. Lombardi?

Why were they checking into a room?

Surely it wasn’t because after getting here, they were too tired to walk, so they needed to rest?

This was too ridiculous!

Since they did not have any luggage with them, the check-in process was very fast.

Up to the point that Nian Xiaomu took the room key and entered the elevator, Wang Miaomiao was still stunned beyond words.

When she snapped back to her senses, she hurriedly followed Nian Xiaomu into the elevator and could not resist asking the burning question on her mind.

“Supervisor Nian, why did we check into a room instead of asking for Mr. Lombardi’s room number?”

Hearing this, the sides of Nian Xiaomu’s lips curled into an ambiguous smile as she replied, “If you manage to find out information about the guests who have checked into the presidential suite, I’m pretty sure the hotel would have closed down long ago.”

“… So what are you doing now?”

Throwing a glance at her, Nian Xiaomu said, “It’s still early. Waiting around is not a solution, so we should check into the room and take a nap. Don’t you feel tired?”

Wang Miaomiao: “…!!”

To think that Nian Xiaomu had the mood to sleep now?!

Wang Miaomiao had originally thought that Nian Xiaomu was only putting on a calm front.

Who would have thought that after getting off the elevator, Nian Xiaomu would really enter the hotel room, place her bag on the side of the bed, and lie down on the bed?

She reached out to pull the blanket over herself, then tucked her head down and closed her eyes to sleep!

She looked as if she had not slept a wink last night!

While she was soundly asleep, Wang Miaomiao was standing in a trance at the door without knowing how to react.

Accompany Nian Xiaomu to take a nap?

Even if Nian Xiaomu could sleep, she couldn’t fall asleep!

Wang Miaomiao took a few steps forward to check that the person on the bed was indeed sleeping. Then, she picked up her cell phone to send a message to Wen Yadai.