The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 256

Chapter 256 A Beauty Has Many Ideas In Her Head

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Nian Xiaomu had had her beauty sleep the moment she reached the hotel and now wanted to eat to her heart’s content the moment she woke up from her sleep.

Were her actions any different from someone who was on holiday?

Wang Miaomiao was unable to tell that Nian Xiaomu was anxious and worried; instead, Nian Xiaomu seemed like she did not give a single hoot about the project with Lombardi.

Wang Miaomiao narrowed her eyes; she did not care about Nian Xiaomu’s intentions for doing these things.

As long as the collaboration ultimately failed, this mistake would definitely result in Nian Xiaomu being ousted out of the Yu Corporation!

Wang Miaomiao was no longer worried when she thought of this.

She left the room together with Nian Xiaomu and entered a restaurant at the hotel.

Wang Miaomiao sneered silently in her heart the moment she noticed that Nian Xiaomu had chosen a Chinese restaurant.

It seemed that Nian Xiaomu had really given up all hope on the project with Mr. Lombardi and was planning to let things run their own course.

Since Lombardi was Italian, they might have had a chance of bumping into him coincidentally if they were headed to a western restaurant.

However, Nian Xiaomu had chosen a Chinese restaurant instead. It seemed that she was only concerned about whether she could eat her fill and had forgotten about the purpose of her being here!

“Interpreter Wang, why are you still standing there? Come and take a seat! I heard that this restaurant serves awesome Chinese food. We can have a taste of it since we are here!” Nian Xiaomu’s eyes brightened the moment she was on the topic of food.

Twinkling, her eyes looked just like the tiny stars in the night sky.

Her eyes carried an enchanting gloss within them.

Even Wang Miaomiao, who was a woman as well, got a little jealous of Nian Xiaomu’s looks as she looked at her.

However, after having second thoughts, she calmed down again because she remembered that Nian Xiaomu would soon meet her doom all because she had messed up the collaboration project. Reaching out, Wang Miaomiao pulled a chair out and sat across from Nian Xiaomu.

“Let me think about what to order. Other than us, our other colleagues will be eating as well.” As Nian Xiaomu flipped through the menu, she read it thoroughly one time before she ordered a few dishes for takeaway.

After that, she looked at Wang Miaomiao and asked, “Interpreter Wang, what would you like do eat?”

“… I am fine with anything. I am pretty worried about the project with Mr. LombardiSupervisor Nian, shouldn’t we look for Mr. Lombardi now?” Wang Miaomiao put on a look of worry even though she was in fact feeling gleeful in her heart.

Wang Miaomiao persuaded Nian Xiaomu incessantly.

“One can’t function properly on an empty stomach and would feel extremely awful if he or she did not have a satisfying meal. You will only have the strength to work after you have had your fill.” As Nian Xiaomu spoke, she ordered more of the restaurant’s signature dishes up until they filled up the entire table.

As Wang Miaomiao’s mouth gaped widely in astonishment, Nian Xiaomu closed the menu gracefully. Twisting her head, she looked in the direction of the restaurant’s entrance.

Nian Xiaomu lowered her gaze and took a glance at the time.

It was nearly 12 PM.

Lombardi and his team must be exhausted and hungry from the long journey.

After taking a rest at the hotel, they should come down for a meal since it was already lunchtime now.

She had taken a look at Lombardi’s information and had also investigated his personal interests; she knew that he loved Chinese food even though he was Italian.

He would surely have a sumptuous meal at a Chinese restaurant every time that he was out on a business trip.

The restaurant at Shi Ting Hotel should be his top choice.

Just as this thought flashed past Nian Xiaomu’s mind, a few Caucasian people appeared at the entrance of the restaurantit wasn’t a huge crowd, and there were just five people in total.

This number was exactly identical to the number of people in Mr. Lombardi’s team according to the information file.

As Nian Xiaomu narrowed her eyes, her gaze landed on the person who stood at the forefront.

When she recognized that he had a 90% resemblance to Mr. Lombardi’s photo, she flashed a confident smile and said, “They are here!”


Wang Miaomiao was seated with her back facing the entrance of the restaurant. At this point in time, she saw Lombardi, who she had been certain would not appear here, standing right at the entrance.

When she heard what Nian Xiaomu said, she was left stunned the moment she turned her head around.

She dared not believe that Nian Xiaomu was actually such a lucky b*tch!

Nian Xiaomu instructed her to head forward and do the translation work. When Wang Miaomiao heard this, she gripped her napkin tightlya streak of light flickered in her eyes as she sat still without moving.