The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 258

Chapter 258 You Are A Very Interesting Person

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Could it be possible that Mr. Lombardi would subsequently be convinced by Nian Xiaomu and agree to the collaboration once again?

In that case, would there be any meaning to all the things that she had done previously?

While Wang Miaomiao was still lost in her thoughts, Nian Xiaomu was already dragging her by the arm as they made their way toward the dining table. This was so Wang Miaomiao could properly receive Mr. Lombardi.

“Mr. Lombardi, this is the signature pork trotters dish, this is the sweet and sour fish, and this is the…” Nian Xiaomu stood by the side of the dining table. With all smiles, she introduced the dishes on the dining table to Lombardi.

Nian Xiaomu was a foodie, and she knew which dishes on the menu were the best.

She had ordered a table full of food, and they were all the best of the best.

On top of her knowledge about fine food, Nian Xiaomu looked almost like a food news reporter as she stood there.

She was also an exceptionally good-looking and charming food reporter.

Wang Miaomiao’s speed in translating was on the verge of lagging behind Nian Xiaomu’s talking speed. After just a few minutes into the conversation, she nearly failed to catch up with the translations.

However, Mr. Lombardi was a person with good manners; he did not devour his food ravenously even though he was famished.

Instead, he smiled and asked Nian Xiaomu a question after she was done with her introduction.

“Do you have a deep knowledge about food?”

After Wang Miaomiao translated this sentence to Nian Xiaomu, Nian Xiaomu immediately flashed a huge smile and nodded her head without a second thought.

“Eating is the most enjoyable activity in the entire world.”

As she finished her sentence, she also allowed Wang Miaomiao to explain to Mr. Lombardi that in China, there was a term for people who loved foodthey were known as foodies.

She was a super-foodie among all the foodies!

“If there is a chance next time, I can bring Mr. Lombardi along to try other nice delicacies and let you experience the feeling of having happiness at the tip of your tongueyou will definitely get your money’s worth from it!”

Mr. Lombardi immediately laughed when Wang Miaomiao translated what Nian Xiaomu had said.

The full beard on his face also rose upward along with his laughter.

As he picked up the glass of red wine beside him, he motioned to Nian Xiaomu.

In Italian, he said, “You are a very interesting person! You are the most interesting person I’ve ever met!”

The atmosphere at the dining table became increasingly harmonious.

Not only Mr. Lombardi, but his colleagues were also seemingly attracted tp Nian Xiaomu’s candid way of speaking, and all of them incessantly asked her questions about Chinese food.

As Wang Miaomiao sat by the side, she suddenly became very anxious, just like a cat on a hot tin roof.

She couldn’t just look on and watch as Nian Xiaomu and Mr. Lombardi became friends with each other!

However, Wang Miaomiao wasn’t the only interpreter present.

Mr. Lombardi had an interpreter who was fluent in Mandarin beside him as well.

It would be easily discovered if she made an intentional mistake in translating.

Just when Wang Miaomiao was feeling anxious about this, she suddenly noticed that Mr. Lombardi’s interpreter was answering a phone call. After Lombardi’s interpreter motioned to them, she picked up her cell phone and headed outside.

The other interpreter had gone outside to answer the call.


Wang Miaomiao’s eyes glistened. Twisting her head around, she looked at Nian Xiaomu and said, “Supervisor Nian, Mr. Lombardi seems to be in a very good mood nowshould we take this chance to talk about the collaboration?”

“No need. Today’s meal was purely for making friends. I don’t want to bring work in,” Nian Xiaomu rejected in a very straightforward manner.

Before Wang Miaomiao could reply to her, Nian Xiaomu added, “Help me ask if they want to eat anything else. We can order more food for them.”


Wang Miaomiao had not expected that Nian Xiaomu would be able to keep her composure so well.

With a slight flicker in her eyes, Wang Miaomiao looked at Lombardi while holding a glass of red wine in her hand. However, the contents in her translation had changed to:

“Mr. Lombardi, we came with extreme sincerity. What happened in the morning was an accident. Since you got along so well with Supervisor Nian, then for the collaboration…”

The smile on Lombardi’s face distinctly subsided before Wang Miaomiao could finish her sentence.

One after another, the others at the dining table put down their chopsticks as well.