The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 259

Chapter 259 The Words That She Had Been Waiting For

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It appeared that everyone had eaten their fill.

On the surface, they maintained a pleasant disposition.

For people who did not understand the Italian language, they would not be able to tell that Lombardi and his team were angry.

Wang Miaomiao looked at Nian Xiaomu’s muddled face and gloated over Nian Xiaomu’s ignorance in her heart.

Then, Wang Miaomiao added, “Mr. Lombardi, we are really very sincere about the collaboration this time. If you are willing to work with us, Supervisor Nian will take you to try out many food places in the future…”

“Excuse me.” Mr. Lombardi could not hold back his annoyance any longer and cut her short. Then, he looked over at Nian Xiaomu with displeasure in his eyes.

It was a look of disappointment.

He threw his napkin onto the table and asserted coldly, “If this is the reason that you came over, I can confirm to you now that my team and I will never collaborate with you!”


These were the words that Wang Miaomiao had been waiting for!

Hearing that Lombardi had explicitly turned down their offer to collaborate, she could barely suppress the smirk on her face.

When she turned around to translate the message to Nian Xiaomu, she said this instead, “Mr. Lombardi said that they are done with their meal and will return to their rooms to rest.”

After this meal was over, no matter what abilities Nian Xiaomu had, Lombardi’s impression of her would be down in the dumps.

He would never give her another chance to talk about working together…

“Full? There’s still dessert though…” Nian Xiaomu was taken back by Lombardi getting up from the table. She tried to stop them and asked Wang Miaomiao to tell them that there was still dessert coming up and that she hoped they would try it before leaving.

Wang Miaomiao took a look at Nian Xiaomu and snickered in her heart.

Even if Nian Xiaomu were to get ahold of the world’s most exquisite cuisine, it would be too late.

Wang Miaomiao was assured that the collaboration had fallen through, but continued to look worried and tried to persuade Lombardi and his team to stay and try the dessert.

It was at this time that the service staff came by with the dessert…

Nian Xiaomu hurriedly stood up and introduced the dessert to Lombardi with a smile.

Her pure and clean smile and the scrumptious food cooled the rage down easily.

Although the expression on Lombardi’s face did not soften, he did not insist on leaving immediately. Instead, he sat back down in his seat.

Everyone was silently eating their dessert, and the atmosphere was obviously more tense than it had been earlier on.

The staff approached the table again.

“Miss Nian, the takeaway food is ready. Would you like us to deliver it now?”

Hearing this, Nian Xiaomu turned to look at Lombardi and his team.

Then, she said to Wang Miaomiao, “I don’t need you to do any translating now. You follow the service staff to deliver the food. Be back quickly.”

“… Are you asking me to go?”

Wang Miaomiao almost burst into laughter when she heard this.

Nian Xiaomu did not understand Italian. If Wang Miaomiao were to leave her side, Nian Xiaomu would be as good as mute!

She could use the delivery errand as an excuse to take her time in coming back to the restaurant. By the time she returned, Lombardi might have already left…

When Wang Miaomiao thought of this, she followed the service staff without any hesitation.

As she walked out of the restaurant, she intentionally looked back.

She did not see Lombardi’s interpreter around. Perhaps she had left after taking the call. Wang Miaomiao could no longer hold in her laughter.

“Even the heavens are not on your side. Serves you right, Nian Xiaomu!”

While she and the service staff headed out with the food delivery, she took out her cell phone to report the good news to Wen Yadai.

As soon as this task was completed, she would definitely be promoted with Wen Yadai’s help!

However, she did not get to see that after she left the restaurant, Nian Xiaomu suddenly reached out to hold up a wine glass and turned toward Lombardi…