The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 263

Chapter 263 Put On An Act

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“Interpreter Wang, be careful!” Nian Xiaomu was standing nearest to Wang Miaomiao, so she reached out to hold on to her when she lost her balance.

Then, Nian Xiaomu smiled sweetly at her as she said, “Not only must you be careful when you walk, you also need to be careful when you speak. This is especially so when it comes to meeting major clients at the airport. It is not a small matter to say 11 o’clock, when it was really 10 o’clock.”


“Also, the interpreter’s role is to improve the communication between people who cannot understand each other’s languages. It is not for you to sow discord and cause mischief. If you do not have these basic work ethics, you are not suited for this industry. You will have to reap what you sow!”

The two of them stood very close together as Nian Xiaomu helped Wang Miaomiao steady herself.

Her voice was not loud, and it was only loud enough for Wang Miaomiao to hear.

When she had finished speaking, she casually released her hand.

A second later, everyone saw Wang Miaomiao stumble a few steps backward, her face turning pale as she fell onto the ground.

“No way… How could she…”

It seemed like Wang Miaomiao had been startled by something. When she regained her composure, she turned and looked toward Wen Yadai.

That’s right. She had an amnesty badge!

The manager of the public relations department was Wen Yadai. No matter how invincible Nian Xiaomu was, she would still need to fear and give face to her superior.

Wang Miaomiao had underestimated her opponent. She had not expected that a lowly supervisor would actually be fluent in Italian.

As long as Wen Yadai was around, she would definitely not be fired…

“Manager Wen, I…”

“I will defer to Master Han’s advice and get to the bottom of this matter through a thorough investigation. I will not play favorites and will not cover up for anyone. Since Supervisor Nian is fluent in Italian, she will not require your interpreting assistance. You are temporarily suspended until further notice.”

Afraid that Wang Miaomiao would say too much, Wen Yadai coldly cut her short

Then, she gave a look of warning and instructed her to leave the office.

Turning to look at Nian Xiaomu, she said, “It’ll be hard on you, Supervisor Nian, to carry on with the work.”

“It’s my job.”

Nian Xiaomu’s gaze shifted from Wang Miaomiao to Wen Yadai, and the look in her eye changed.

Was it her delusion?

Wen Yadai tended to be easy-going and was defensive as well as protective toward her subordinates. However, today, she was unusually crisp and decisive in handling this matter.

It was as if she were afraid that Wang Miaomiao would say something else…

Nian Xiaomu’s eyes flickered, but very quickly, her expression regained its calm.

Then, the hospitality team led Mr. Lombardi on a tour around the Yu Corporation…

The Yu Corporation’s capabilities were not to be doubted.

After both parties shared and exchanged information and ideas, Lombardi agreed to the collaboration readily and signed the contract on the spot.

“Thank you for your trust, and I believe that you will not be disappointed with our future collaboration.” Seeing the signature on the contract, Nian Xiaomu excitedly stretched out her hand.

Then, another thought came to her mind, and she added, “I want to thank you for this partnership as well as for the act that you put on this afternoon.”

If Lombardi had not agreed to cooperate with her and act like he was furious when he left the restaurant, Wang Miaomiao would not have fallen into the trap so easily.

This was why Wang Miaomiao had thought that the collaboration had been called off and rushed back to the office to report Nian Xiaomu.

“You don’t have to thank me.”

Lombardi stood up from his seat and smiled widely as he shook her hand.

Then, in authentic Italian, he said, “Resolving your problem is helpful for our future collaboration. I’m looking forward to following you to new places to try out different cuisines.”

Lombardi stopped for a moment and turned to look at Nian Xiaomu.

“May I ask where you learned the Italian language? If I only listened to your voice, I would think that you were Italian.”