The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 265

Chapter 265 Cherish Her Well

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The father of the child had heard this, and she was mistaken as the mother of the child.

How awkward was that?

Nian Xiaomu looked up and saw a regal, god-like man clad in a business suit.

He had walked out from the office building and was probably here to pick up Xiao Liuliu.

There was no expression on that gorgeous face, and even his gaze was impassive.

He walked past her and looked at Lombardi, who was standing by the road. Then, Yu Yuehan raised his eyebrow slightly.

It suddenly occurred to Nian Xiaomu that perhaps Yu Yuehan did not understand Italian.

Even if he had heard Lombardi’s words, he might not know what they meant.


Just when she was secretly heaving a sigh of relief, she heard him speak in fluent Italian to greet Lombardi.

Nian Xiaomu froze on the spot!

Turning to look at the man who was making small talk with Lombardi, her eyes widened to look like brass bells.

For a long while, it was as if she had turned mute, could not say a word, and could only stare at Yu Yuehan.

In her mind, she thought,If he knows Italian, then did he catch caught what Lombardi said earlier?

“It is my pleasure to meet Master Han.”

This was the president of the Yu Corporation, the most important young master in City H.

Anyone with some knowledge about social standings would know that Yu Yuehan was of such caliber.

Lombardi’s bushy face revealed a streak of surprise as he looked at the man who had stopped to stand next to Nian Xiaomu. He lifted his hand to twirl his mustache.

The corners of his lips curled upward.

He politely responded to Yu Yuehan’s greetings, and after thinking for two seconds, continued by saying, “Master Han needs to cherish a wife like Nian Xiaomu.”

Nian Xiaomu: “…!!”

If she had only felt awkward earlier, now the look on her face must have changed to horror!

When she regained her composure, she turned to look at the man next to her and waited for him to deny this.

After waiting for a few seconds, it was clear that he had no intention of saying anything.

Was it because his level of Italian was limited to basic greetings?

In that case, she would have to explain…

“Mr. Lombardi, you have misunderstood…” As soon as Nian Xiaomu opened her mouth, Yu Yuehan suddenly whacked the back of her head with his hand.

When his eyes met with her shocked eyes, he calmly said, “There was a mosquito.”

Nian Xiaomu: “…!!”

By the time she wanted to explain the real situation to Mr. Lombardi, Yu Yuehan had already stepped forward to wish him a safe journey home in his polite, yet distinguished, manner.

“Alright, you don’t have to follow me out.” Lombardi waved goodbye and sat down in the car.

The car door closed before the car drove out of their sight.

There were only three people left by the road as well as the assistant who had driven Xiao Liuliu over from the villa.

Yu Yuehan placed one of his hands in his pocket. His tall figure stood there, forming a beautiful sight to behold.

After Lombardi’s car left, he turned around to carry Xiao Liuliu.

When he lifted his eyelids, he saw a strange expression on Nian Xiaomu’s face.

She had an expression that read, “I wanted to explain, but the whole world did not give me a chance and now it was too late.”

Knitting his brows, he asked, “Is something wrong with you?”

“Did you hear what Lombardi said, Young Master?” Nian Xiaomu blinked her crystal-clear eyes and asked earnestly. “Before you came… no, after you came… Anyway, everything that he said just now!”

“What are you trying to say?” Yu Yuehan threw her a look and calmly took Xiao Liuliu from her arms.

In his mind however, he recalled the look of shock on Nian Xiaomu’s little face when he had walked over.