The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 267

Chapter 267 Candy After A Slap To The Face

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“Young Master.”

The assistant went forward and gave Yu Yuehan a polite reminder when he saw that Yu Yuehan was still standing in place.

Yu Yuehan returned to his senses and collected his gaze; he seemed to have returned to a calm state of mind from the look on his face as he carried Xiao Liuliu in his arms and headed toward the office.

Just when he reached the entrance of the president’s office, he saw Wen Yada waiting outside.

Dressed in a full black business suit, Wen Yadai looked professional, but she also carried the charming aura of a mature woman at the same time.

A tinge of gentleness penetrated her professionalism from her hair that was tied up in a ponytail as well as the wisps of hair that draped down over both her ears.

It was comforting to look at her.

When Wen Yadai saw Yu Yuehan, she immediately flashed a smile and even her gaze turned into one that was full of admiration.

With her documents in hand, she walked forward and said, “Young Master Han, the team has just sent Mr. Lombardi off. The project with Lombardi was settled smoothly, and the contract has been signed as well.”

“Okay,” Yu Yuehan replied in an apathetic tone.

Since he had gotten ahold of this news beforehand, no expressions could be detected on his face.

However, Wen Yadai did not take notice of his reaction and continued to rattle on, “Lombardi kept on telling me that he admired my understanding of Italy as well as my professional capabilities. To be honest, if he had the chance to meet Young Master Han, I am afraid that I would be nothing in his eyes.”

Suddenly, Wen Yadai seemed to have recalled something; the gaze in her eyes turned so gentle that tears were about to emerge from her eyes.

“The reason why I took up Italian in the first place was because Young Master Han was so fluent in Italianit was all because of you that…”

“I have taken note of the successful signing of the contract. Are there any other matters?” Yu Yuehan opened his thin lips and interrupted her.

Strolling into the office, he placed Xiao Liuliu down and allowed her to play on her own.

Following which, he walked directly to his office desk and sat down.

With raised eyebrows, he glanced at her from the corner of his eye.

Wen Yadai felt weak from his razor-sharp gaze and only spoke up after hesitating for a few seconds, “Actually, I didn’t come here specifically to take credit for my achievement. I am here to beg for forgiveness.”

As Wen Yadai spoke on, her face turned slightly pale.

When Yu Yuehan heard what she said, he knitted his eyebrows and sent sidelong glances at his assistant.

Upon seeing this, the assistant walked over to him immediately. Lowering his voice, the assistant explained to him the news that he had heard from the public relations department.

“Young Master Han, Interpreter Wang isn’t like this usuallyshe works very hard and has never made any mistakes. I felt that she was outstanding, hence I sent her to help Supervisor Nian, but I never would have imagined…”

Wen Yadai pursed her lips before continuing, “In any case, it is my responsibility for not properly managing my subordinates. This gave them the chance to spout nonsense which nearly affected the collaboration.”

“Young Master Han, Wang Miaomiao has already admitted her responsibility and resigned for starting all these rumors.”

Wang Miaomiao was the one who had started the rumors.

Strictly speaking, Wen Yadai had nothing to do with any of this.

If a manager were to be implicated in the situation because of this, it might seem like they were trying to over-correct for a defect.

Knock, knock!The president’s office door was knocked on.

The secretary opened the door and entered with Nian Xiaomu following behind her.

“Young Master Han, Supervisor Nian is here.”

The two of them, who had just parted ways not long ago, met again.

Yu Yuehan’s gaze flickered, and he looked at Nian Xiaomu doubtfully; he seemed to be using his gaze to ask her about the motive of her being here.

Nian Xiaomu had a puzzled look on her face as well. Entering the office, she walked up to Wen Yadai and asked, “Manager Wen, since you called me up here, is there something going on?”

“Yes, I was the one who called up Supervisor Nian.” The moment Wen Yadai heard what Nian Xiaomu said, she hurriedly grabbed Nian Xiaomu’s hands affectionately and pulled Nian Xiaomu to her side.

Wen Yadai turned her head around and looked at Yu Yuehan.

“Young Master Han, we luckily had Supervisor Nian here to negotiate this collaboration.”


“Her performance has been very outstanding ever since she entered the public relations department. I hope that the company can commend her for her efforts!”