The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 272

Chapter 272 Youre Welcome

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“You still have the nerve to remind me about the task that I entrusted you with? You could not even handle a small fry like Nian Xiaomu. Not only did she succeed in getting Lombardi to sign the deal, you even fell into her trap!”

Wen Yadai recalled how she had been chided by Yu Yuehan in the president’s office that afternoon.

The look in her eyes turned grim, and she stared at Wang Miaomiao menacingly.

“If not for your incompetence that dragged me down with you, I wouldn’t have been reprimanded. Even if I had helped you get a promotion, with your own inadequacy, it was a matter of time before you got kicked out!”

“…” Wang Miaomiao did not dare to rebuke Wen Yadai’s dressing down.

Initially, she had thought that Nian Xiaomu was an empty vessel who had seduced Master Han with her looks to get a position in the company.

Never had she expected that Nian Xiaomu would see through her so quickly, even counteracting her and landing her in hot soup.

Without any evidence, Nian Xiaomu managed to set a trap for her to fall into.

Now, Wang Miaomiao had absolutely nowhere to turn…

When Wen Yadai saw that Wang Miaomiao could not say anything to defend herself, she snickered to herself.

“I advise you not to pull me down with you. Even if you were to tell everyone that I had instigated you to frame Nian Xiaomu, do you think anyone would believe you?”


“If word got out that you broke professional ethics and screwed up the translation just to get promoted, not only the Yu Corporation, but the entire industry would never hire you again!”

Wen Yadai was good at manipulating people.

She could see that Wang Miaomiao’s face had already turned pale and was trembling in fear.

She took back the check that she had taken out, and wrote her a new one. This time, the amount on the check was twice as much.

“If I were you, I’d take the money and disappear from my sight.”


Wang Miaomiao stared at the check in front of her, and her eyes could not believe what they were seeing!

She swallowed hard and swiftly put the check away.

Following Wen Yadai’s words well, she checked the surroundings and only got out of the car when she was certain that there was no one else there.

Then, she hastily left the place.

Watching Wang Miaomiao leave, Wen Yadai gripped the steering wheel, and her exquisite face started to contort in anger.

To think that Nian Xiaomu, who was from a dubious background, had actually outsmarted all the people that Wen Yadai had used to deal with her.

Now, even Master Han was starting to doubt Wen Yadai’s ability…

Wen Yadai grated her teeth. After a while, she could no longer hold in her frustration and punched the car door with a tightly clenched fist!

Nian Xiaomu!


“Achoo! Achoo!”

Nian Xiaomu sneezed a few times consecutively. She peeked out of the covers and reached out to rub her nose.

Recalling that it was the weekend, she pulled the blanket toward herself to sleep in for a bit longer. Then, she heard a knock on her door.

The knocking was not evenly paced and sounded a bit strange.

Before she could react, she heard a creaking sound as her room door was opened.

A soft and cuddly little figure bounced into the room from outside.

“Time to wake up, Pretty Sister!”

Xiao Liuliu pounced forward and threw herself onto the side of the bed. Kicking off the slippers on her feet, Xiao Liuliu crawled into her bed.

Using her cold palms, Xiao Liuliu pressed them against Nian Xiaomu’s cheeks.

Nian Xiaomu shivered at the cold and sat up in shock.

The sleepyhead was shocked out of her wits.

The next second, XIao Liuliu giggled as she said, “Daddi is so clever. You knew that Pretty Sister would wake up this way.”

Nian Xiaomu: “…!!”

She swung her head around and saw that Yu Yuehan was actually standing at the door.

With both his hands in his pockets, his long windbreaker made him look taller and regal.

The light in her room was not turned on, and the curtains were drawn. The room was dim, and the distinctive features on his face appeared even more alluring.

When his eyes met hers, he tilted his body and leaned against the door frame, devilishly saying, “You’re welcome.”