The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 275

Chapter 275 Adorable Was My Staple Food Since Young

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“I want it!” Xiao Liuliu lifted her head up and nodded without hesitation.

Following which, she turned her tiny face around and looked at Nian Xiaomu with pleading eyes.

Nian Xiaomu: “…”

Since she wasn’t Xiao Liuliu’s mother, it would be a little awkward for her to participate in the parent-child activity.

However, Nian Xiaomu couldn’t bear to reject Xiao Liuliu after she met Xiao Liuliu’s well-behaved little gaze.

She could only follow behind Yu Yuehan obediently and walk toward the spot where the activity would be held.

“Are both of you here for the parent-child activity? Please come over here to register. Our activity is split into a few segments, and the champion for each segment will receive a gift…” The teacher who was in charge of the activity smiled and explained the moment she saw them.

The rules for the parent-child activity were generally easy to understand.

In addition, they were very interesting and interactive.

Nian Xiaomu took a glance; the enclosed playground was split into a few areas.

There were games such as a three-legged race, carrot squat, and elephant’s trunk…

They were all games that were commonly seen.

Numerous parents had already started playing with their kids, and the atmosphere at the playground was very lively.

It was filled with the bright and clear laughter of children.

When Xiao Liuliu saw that there were many kids over there, a bright smile immediately appeared on her delicate and tender little face. Running forward, she held onto the fence with her tiny hands and tiptoed to look inside.

For some unknown reason, Nian Xiaomu felt a sense of familiarity when she saw Xiao Liuliu’s childish actions.

It was as if Xiao Liuliu was a miniature version of herself…

The scenario of Yu Yuehan calling her a “shortie” with a disgusted look suddenly floated into her mind.

Could it possible that he wanted to…

As Nian Xiaomu looked at the man beside him, she realized that he was frowning at Xiao Liuliu, who was on tiptoe. All of a sudden, her heart tightened!

Aware of her gaze on him, Yu Yuehan twisted his head around slowly and looked at her.

With both of their gazes on each other, he raised his eyebrows.

“Whatever my daughter does is cute.”

Nian Xiaomu: “…!!”

She was a shortie for standing on tiptoe, but Xiao Liuliu was adorable for doing the same thing.

Nian Xiaomu needed to have a moment of silence to herself right nownobody should talk to her!

With a notebook in her hand, a young teacher asked them, “Sir, can I have your surname? I need to register your name before you can participate in the game.”

She couldn’t refrain from blushing silently when she met Yu Yuehan’s handsome face.

In fact, many of the adults here were not the parents of the children, and they were only accompanying their relatives or friends for a tour.

Some of them were also here on behalf of their family members.

Yu Yuehan exuded a noble aura from himself; his every movement was filled with grace, and he also had a look that would charm all the living things on earth.

Even if he was thrown into a pool of people, he would still be the most outstanding one.

Yu Yuehan did not have a wedding ring on his finger and didn’t look like someone who had a kid. As such, he was placed into the category of “one who was here on behalf of a family member,” or “one who brought the child of a relative over for a tour.”

Many women at the site were already blushing as they looked at him.

There was even one lady who was so immersed in staring at him that her husband became jealous as a result.

When this lady returned to her senses, she chased after her husband and explained hurriedly, “Hunks are the shared assets of the entire universeI merely took a look and did not harbor any other thoughts. Why are you being jealous for no good reason…”


As Nian Xiaomu took a sly glance at the man standing in front of her, she cursed silently in her heart,Devil!

“Sir? Sir? Are both of you confirmed to be participating?” The teacher was still waiting for his reply.

She reminded him again when she noticed that he did not utter a single word.

The next second, Xiao Liuliu ran back from the fence and said, “I know, I know, that teacher mentioned it before just now!”

Excitement filled her flushed face.

Pointing her tiny finger at Yu Yuehan, she said, “This is Mr. Yu.”

Tilting her tiny head, she then pointed to Nian Xiaomu and said with all smiles, “This is Mrs. Yu!”