The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 276

Chapter 276 You're Right

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Mrs. Yu…

It was the second time Nian Xiaomu had been called this today.

The force of the impact of being called “Mrs. Yu” was not as great this time around, but the words had come out from Xiao Liuliu’s mouth, so it shocked Nian Xiaomu for a few seconds.

When Nian Xiaomu regained her composure, she saw that the look of admiration on the teacher’s face had vanished after hearing that Yu Yuehan was married.

Instead, the teacher was looking at Nian Xiaomu with an awkward expression, as if she was afraid that Nian Xiaomu would misunderstand…

Oh no! Teacher, the person who had misunderstood the situation was you!

“Teacher, it’s like this. Actually, I am only…” Nian Xiaomu anxiously walked forward to try to clarify the misunderstanding. However, Xiao Liuliu, who was standing in front of her, reacted even more quickly than her. Pointing at her nose, she cooed, “I am Yu Liuliu, and you can call me Xiao Liuliu!”

Mr. Yu, Mrs. Yu.

Now, another one named Yu Liuliu…

No matter how one looked at them, it was clear that they were a family of three.

Alright, there was no need to explain further.

The teacher did not wish to watch this couple show off their lovey-dovey ways, swiftly proceeded to register them, and gave them a number tag so they could participate in the games.

Nian Xiao held the number tag and followed the other parents into the games arena.

For a long while, she did not know how to react.

At first, she wanted to ask if she could still team up with the daddy to participate in the games if she were not the mommy of the child.

Now, she did not have a chance to ask anymore.

Nian Xiaomu passed the number tag to Yu Yuehan and asked, “Which game are we taking part in first?”

In the games arena, there were many people at every station.

The atmosphere was lively in a place with so many children.

Once Xiao Liuliu entered the arena, she could hardly contain her excitement and wanted to run everywhere to take a look.

Yu Yuehan picked her up and lifted his eyes toward the prize table. Pointing at it, he asked coolly, “Which toy do you want?”

It was as if no matter what Xiao Liuliu wanted, he would definitely be able to win it for her.

“I can see that the other parents have great chemistry. Please don’t be overconfident. Don’t say I didn’t warn you if we lose later,” Nian Xiaomu whispered in a low voice.

Hearing this, Yu Yuehan turned to look at her.

“You’re right.”

“… What?”

Did he eat something wrong? He was actually praising her for saying something right.

Nian Xiaomu eyed him suspiciously. The next thing she knew, he added, “With you as a hindrance, it is indeed difficult to win.”

Nian Xiaomu: “…!!”

Their team had not even properly formed, but now, they were divided.

What was the point in participating in these games?

“Daddi, I want that piggy!” called out Xiao Liuliu as she blinked her big eyes and pointed at a piglet soft toy happily.

Nian Xiaomu looked toward the prize table and saw that the piglet soft toy was the prize for the three-legged race.

Holding the number tag, she walked over to the staff on duty to register for the race.

“The rules of the game are very simple. The child stands at the finish line with a balloon. Daddy and Mommy will set off from the starting line. Their feet will be bound together so that the two of them will walk with three legs. They have to walk to their child, receive the balloon, and walk back to the starting line in the fastest time possible.”

When the staff on duty completed the explanation of the rules, Nian Xiaomu immediately sized up the other families on the other teams by doing a rough estimation of their heights and the lengths of their legs.

Whether individually or as a team, Yu Yuehan and her were first place.

However, if they were to measure the chemistry between the them, they would score zero points!

In order not to disappoint Xiao Liuliu, Nian Xiaomu hastily estimated the distance between the starting line and the finish line. Mentally, she hurriedly calculated how many steps they would need to take to complete the race based on the lengths of their legs.

While she was absorbed in solving these mental calculations, a big hand pressed down onto her head.

In a bewitchingly magnetic voice, Yu Yuehan said, “Don’t worry. I’m here.”