The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 278

Chapter 278 Full Marks For The Skills Of Flirting With A Girl

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Nian Xiaomu: “…”

Perhaps he had given up on having a teammate.

For the first time, Nian Xiaomu realized that the iceberg was actually pretty cute compared to the two-faced guy with a vicious tongue.

At least he wouldn’t drive a person crazy with every passing minute just from using his mouth!

“On your marks!”

A look of anxiety appeared on Nian Xiaomu’s face upon hearing the staff member’s command.

However, the staff member had already shouted “go” before she could return to her senses!

It has begun! It has begun!

She ran forward in a panic. The moment that she took her first step, she tripped on her right leg; the leg that was bound to Yu Yuehan’s leg.

She staggered.

Her stumble resulted in Yu Yuehan stopping in his tracks when he had just taken his first step forward. Reaching out, he grabbed ahold of her waist.

As he caught her falling body, he held her in his embrace without hesitation.

Lowering his gaze, he looked askance at her little pale face. Soon, the look of ridicule on his face disappeared completely, and he asked in a deep voice, “Are you alright?”


Nian Xiaomu’s first reaction after she had returned to her senses was to look at the other teams who were participating in the game.

The other families had married couples participating in the game, so it went without saying that their rapport was great.

At the very least, they did not meet with an accident right at the beginning unlike the two of them. The other couples were all leading at this point in time.

They were already halfway through the race…

“Wait!” Nian Xiaomu looked at him and said, “If we lose, it will be the fault of your huge, long legs!”

Yu Yuehan: “…”

As Yu Yuehan looked up, he only swept a quick glance at her before he managed to regain control of the situation deep down in his heart.

As he released his grip on Nian Xiaomu, he told her to stand still and said, “There is something you will have to do next if you want to win.”

Nian Xiaomu: “???”

“Try your very best to let your foot touch the ground to prevent us from getting caught for breaking the rules.”

The moment after Yu Yuehan finished his sentence in a deep voice, one of his hands had already grabbed onto Nian Xiaomu’s collar before she could reply. As he tugged on her collar, he lifted her up and started to run forward!


For the following minute, a horror-filled scream floated in the air of the entire playground.

Accompanying this scream was… the both of them. They were originally way behind the other teams, but started to overtake them one by one.

Step by step, they sprinted right from last place into first place.

At the moment that they crossed the finish line, Nian Xiaomu turned around and looked back at the other families who participated in the same race.

As she noticed everyone’s dumbstruck expression, she took another look at the man who was lifting her by the collar with the same technique that one would use to carry a chicken.

Silently, Nian Xiaomu reached her hands out and covered her face.

She was too ashamed to see anyone…

Stifling their laughter, the staff members were very quick to head forward and attend to them.

“Mrs. Yu is very adorable. Both of you have broken the record for the shortest time taken to complete the race. If the both of you are no longer participating in the other games, you may bring this miniature medal to the redemption counter to redeem your gift.”

Just when Nian Xiaomu was about to reply to the staff member and tell him that she would not be participating in the other games, Yu Yuehan had already pulled her by the arms, and the both of them headed toward another game area.

He absolutely did not give her a chance to reject…

With Yu Yuehan around, Nian Xiaomu managed to clinch first place without any effort.

In the end, she carried a bunch of miniature medals and headed to the redemption counter.

The staff members were stunned when all of the medals were poured out onto the table.

“Mr. Yu, Mrs. Yu, here are your prizes.” As the staff member returned to his senses, he passed them a set of soft toy piggies.

The toys looked very delicate and adorable.

It was a family set of soft toysapart from the baby piglet, there were also a daddy piggy as well as a mommy piggy.

The most important thing was that Xiao Liuliu adored them.

As Nian Xiaomu looked at Xiao Liuliu’s face that was beaming with happiness, she couldn’t help it and laughed as well.

The exhaustion from participating in the games had entirely disappeared.

Just when she was about to say something, Yu Yuehan suddenly stretched his hand out in front of her with a pink soft toy in hand.

“This is for you, Mommy Piggy.”