The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 279

Chapter 279 What Had She Done?

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Nian Xiaomu: “…”

Was he rewarding her or intentionally teasing her?

Seeing the toy in front of her, her heart started to beat faster.

She stayed in a daze for a few seconds before recovering her senses.

Nian Xiaomu’s animated eyes blinked. Then, she reached for the other piggy toy in the box and stuffed it into Yu Yuehan’s arms.

“Here, this is for you, Daddy Piggy!”

Now it was fair, and no one could make fun of the other person.

Then, from the corner of her eye, she noticed the strange looks that the staff members were giving her. What she had just done only occurred to her at that moment.

She was holding the mommy piggy and had given the daddy piggy to Yu Yuehan as well.

The baby piglet was in Xiao Liuliu’s hands…

The way the toys were distributed made them look like a real family of three!

Nian Xiaomu felt her nerves turn cold, and she quickly looked up at Yu Yuehan.

It appeared that Yu Yuehan had not expected for her to give the daddy piggy to him, but he instinctively accepted the toy from her. Holding it with his slender fingers, turned it side to side to inspect it. Then, he raised his eyebrow and looked at her.

His gaze was deep, and his lips curled into an ambiguous smile.

It seemed like he had misunderstood her, but maybe he had not.

“I didn’t mean anything. It was one toy for each person. I…” said Nian Xiaomu as she anxiously tried to clear up the misunderstanding.

The teacher who was standing by the side with a registration notebook saw the toys in their hands and commented with a smile, “The relationship between Mr. Yu and Mrs. Yu is so good. No wonder both of you have such excellent chemistry and won so many games.”

Nian Xiaomu: “…”

Chemistry? It was non-existent.

They had won solely because of his simple, yet violent, method.

“If Daddy and Mommy can spend more time with the child, it can make the child feel a greater sense of security. Our kindergarten holds these family-bonding activities very often. Please join us again next time.”


As soon as the teacher finished speaking, Nian Xiaomu hung her head awkwardly.

The child’s father was the real father.

However, the mother was a fake mother.

She wanted to explain this, but no one would give her a chance to.

Nian Xiaomu took a peek at the man standing next to her. He looked completely at ease.

Did he not hear what the teacher said?

Why didn’t he even want to clarify the misunderstanding?

He had even allowed Xiao Liuliu to call her “Mrs. Yu.”

Xiao Liuliu was still young, so she might not understand what these two words meant. He, on the other hand, surely knew.

When Nian Xiaomu thought about this, her heart felt like there were tens of thousands of ants biting on it. She wanted to ask Yu Yuehan why he did not clarify the misunderstanding, but felt that this question would sound too awkward.

Maybe he only wanted to dote on his daughter.

As long as Xiao Liuliu was happy, he did not see the need to correct the words that she used…

When the kindergarten tour ended, the assistant carried the toys and departed to retrieve the car.

Carrying Xiao Liuliu, Yu Yuehan walked slowly out of the school with Nian Xiaomu alongside him.

“Are we going home now?” Nian Xiaomu tilted her head and asked.

After the kindergarten tour, they should have been done.

“No.” Yu Yuehan carried Xiao Liuliu with one arm and took strong steps forward. His magnetic voice rang in Nian Xiaomu’s ears.

“We’re going to the movie theater.”

Nian Xiaomu: “…??”

Did he say it wrongly or did she hear it wrongly?

They were… going to watch a movie together?

Sensing that the person next to him had a funny reaction, Yu Yuehan stopped in his tracks and turned toward Nian Xiaomu.

Taking in the look of alarm on her face, his eyes narrowed as he said, “We will accompany Xiao Liuliu to watch a children’s movie.”


So it was to accompany Xiao Liuliu.

That’s right. The teacher had said that both parents should spend more time with their children to make them feel a greater sense of security.


Had he heard what the teacher said earlier?