The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 282

Chapter 282 I'm Missing You

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Both of them would be watching a movie and eating the same snacks together.

This feeling was as if… they were a couple.

Nian Xiaomu froze the moment this thought popped up in her mind.

Just as she was lost in thought, Yu Yuehan, who was behind her, had already walked up before her and placed his own credit card onto the counter of the cashier.

“Paying by credit card.”

“No need, I have small bills here. Let me treat you to it.” Nian Xiaomu did not have time to think twice when she saw that he trying to foot the bill.

She hurriedly took Yu Yuehan’s credit card away from the cashier and stuffed it into his hands before taking out some change from her bag to foot the bill.

As Yu Yuehan stood beside her, he was stunned when he saw the credit card that was stuffed back into his hands by Nian Xiaomu.

It was the first time a woman insisted that she foot the bill.

It was also the first time in his life that he allowed a woman to pay for the bill.

Even though it was a weird feeling, he actually was not completely repelled by this kind of feeling when he looked at her calm little face.

Yu Yuehan allowed Nian Xiaomu to foot the bill and took one of the drinks from her. As he watched her stuff a french fry into her mouth hurriedly, a smile unconsciously appeared at the corners of his mouth.

“French fries only taste good while their still hot. Try some!” Nian Xiaomu had not forgotten to bring a fry up to his mouth after she finished eating her portion.

An innocent and clean look permeated through her animated eyes.

As Yu Yuehan’s eyes narrowed, his mouth automatically opened up even though he had wanted to reject her.

After that, he allowed her to feed him the french fry.

A soft texture sprung up after the crispiness. For some reason, the gaze in his eyes turned gentle as he watched her eat the french fries happily, one fry after another.

“Not too bad.”

“Right? You think that they are good as well? Xiao Liuliu would certainly snatch food from me if she was awake, but she shouldn’t eat too much junk food…” Nian Xiaomu walked into the movie theater as she muttered on.

Yu Yuehan had bought tickets for the VIP movie theater.

It was bigger in space and had seats with a higher level of comfort. Moreover, one could even watch the movie while lying down.

As Yu Yuehan adjusted the recliner at the corner and placed the sleeping Xiao Liuliu on it, he went over to the seat right beside Nian Xiaomu.

Nian Xiaomu was stunned and looked at him in surprise.

However, his face remained expressionless. With a calm look, he said, “The movie is beginning.”

As Nian Xiaomu returned to her senses, she hugged the popcorn bucket immediately and shifted her gaze toward the large screen.

Perhaps it was a coincidencethe movie that he had chosen was a romantically themed art film.

Even though both the male and female lead did not have a roaring relationship, their steady relationship with each other as well as the bits of sweetness in their daily lives were enough to make the audience blush and increase their heart rates.

When Nian Xiaomu saw that the female lead in the film had kissed the male lead for the first time by accident, the scene of her bumping into Yu Yuehan at the hospital for the first time popped up instantly in her mind…

She could not resist stealing a glance at the man beside her from the corner of her eye.

It was only then that she realized that the both of them were sitting very close to each other.

They were so close that it was to the extent that she could even hear the sound of him breathing and could absorb the fresh minty smell from his body…

Yu Yuehan seemed to be aware that her gaze was directed at him, and he took a glance in her direction.

Nian Xiaomu lifted her head up without thinking and pretended to be watching the movie seriously.

After that, she heard his magnetic voice say, “Did you realize that this movie was…”

“It’s not similar to us! The reason why I had kissed you by accident that other time was because you bumped into meI am the victim!” Nian Xiaomu interrupted him anxiously.

Immediately after Nian Xiaomu finished her sentence, she realized that she had spoken too loudly.

She covered her mouth in a hurry and twisted her head around to stare at the man who had nearly caused her to lose face.

The next second, her gaze met a pair of eyes that were filled with ridicule.

“I merely wanted to ask if you felt that this was a nicely shot movie.”


“Nian Xiaomu, what were you thinking about when you were watching this movie?”