The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 286

Chapter 286 There Must Be Evildoers Present When Things Go Wrong

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The weekend flew by.

The first news that Nian Xiaomu received during this brand new week was that Wang Miaomiao had admitted responsibility and resigned.

The procedures were clear-cut, and she vanished without a trace after directly submitting her resignation letter to the relevant department.

“I had originally thought that she would at least put up a struggle and beg Manager Wen to speak up for her. I certainly did not expect that she would leave just like this,” a colleague at the side chirped in.

“To be honest, I am very shocked as well. I remember that she doesn’t have very outstanding academic qualifications and had put in great effort to enter the Yu Corporation. As such, she had always treasured this job of hers.”

Xiaoxiao felt injustice for Nian Xiaomu when she heard what the rest had said and rebutted back, “So what? She acted for herself and has to suffer the consequences as a result. All of you heard the ugly things that she had said the other day. If Supervisor Nian had not managed to clinch the deal, Supervisor Nian would have been the one who got ousted out of the company!”

Suddenly, everyone in the office returned to their senses one by one and looked at Nian Xiaomu.

“Supervisor Nian, please don’t misunderstand. Nobody pitied her, and all of us just couldn’t help but sigh.”

“Exactly, exactly. After all, we were once colleagues, and we felt rueful about it.”

“It’s alright.” Nian Xiaomu gave a faint smile and sat back in her own seat.

The conversations just now filled her entire mind.

She sensed that something was amiss based on her intuition…

“Speaking of which, it was lucky that Supervisor Nian knew how to speak Italian. Other than that, she was also attentive and discovered that Mr. Lombardi likes Chinese food very muchthat was why you had the chance to clinch the deal so smoothly.”

Noticing that Nian Xiaomu was actually easy-going and approachable, the colleagues around her started to become friendly toward her.

“Hey, hey, hey, you have spoken my mind. Actually, that wasn’t the only time. Supervisor Nian was also the reason why Shangxin became the spokesperson for the project with Sheng Da Science and Technology that other time. Everyone is now showering praises upon the public relations department and saying that we are omnipotent!” one of the colleagues added on with a proud look on her face.

Laughing, the person beside her poked her and said, “Oh man, give me a break. Why are you so cocky about it! Supervisor Nian was obviously the omnipotent one here. Why are you so pleased about it?”

“I am just sharing her honor!” A lively conversation went on with everyone joining in, and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

“Our department has clinched major projects one after another the moment Supervisor Nian entered our department, and she is now the lucky star of the public relations department. From what I feel, her capabilities are comparable to those of Manager Wen…”

Noticing that everyone was getting overboard with their praise, Nian Xiaomu stood up from her chair hurriedly.

Just when she was about to explain that the successes for all the projects were the entire department’s credit, she saw Wen Yadai standing at the entrance of the office.

Nian Xiaomu had no idea that she had been standing there.

Wen Yadai’s facial expression looked very ugly at this point in time.

When she met Nian Xiaomu’s gaze, she quickly put up a smile and walked up gracefully, “Good morning, everyone.”

“Good morning, Manager Wen!”

All of the employees greeted her uniformly the moment they turned their heads around.

The employee who praised Nian Xiaomu just now had not expected that what she said would be overheard by Wen Yadai and felt a little anxious now.

However, Wen Yadai only smiled and was not angry.

She even caught up with the topic that everyone was discussing just now and teased along.

“I knew that all of you would forget about your old love after you’ve found a new love. I understand this.”


“I am very aware of Supervisor Nian’s contributions to the company, and I have already submitted a request personally to Young Master Han for recognition of her contributions. Not only Supervisor Nian, I know that all of you have worked hard during this period as well. I have discussed this with President Chen Jr. from Sheng Da Science and Technology, and we were planning to organize a department meal to reward all of you!”

The employees in the department felt an adrenaline rush the moment they heard that there would be a gathering over food.

Smiling, Wen Yadai looked at Nian Xiaomu and said, “Supervisor Nian has made significant contributions, so you must come.”