The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 291

Chapter 291 Looking Perfect From Every Single Angle

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Nian Xiaomu’s entire body had lost its center of gravity, and she almost plunged in a headlong manner into his chest.

She met Yu Yuehan’s deep and dark gaze the moment she lifted her head up.

With an icy cold expression, he suddenly said, “Why did you not answer the phone call?”


What phone call?

As Nian Xiaomu stood up extra quickly, she twisted her head around first and took a glance at the colleagues in front of her.

She only lowered her head and dug her cell phone out after she realized that no one was paying attention to them.

She pressed a few buttons and muttered softly, “For some reason, my cell phone was set to silent mode. I did not hear my phone ring…”

When Yu Yuehan heard her explanation, he lowered his eyelids and swept a glance at the screen of her cell phone. Instantly, the expression on his face turned gentle.

“I am attending the dinner party as well. I’ll give you a lift.”

Just when Yu Yuehan finished his sentence, Chen Zixin rushed in from the door and walked up to Nian Xiaomu joyfully.

“Supervisor Nian, have you finished your work? My car is parked right outsideshall I give you a lift?”

Nian Xiaomu: “…”

Her greatest financial backer stood on one side while her greatest client stood on the other side.

She could not offend either of them.

However, there was only one of her!

As Nian Xiaomu darted her eyes around restlessly, she flashed a sweet smile and said, “No need for that, no need for that. I am advocating for low carbon waste emissions in an effort to help the environment, so I’ll board the shuttle bus just like the others!”

She turned around and ran off at lightning speed after she finished saying her piece.

Like a wisp of smoke, she slipped into the crowd where her colleagues were at and followed them on board the bus.

Startled, Chen Zixin bade Yu Yuehan goodbye and followed her to the shuttle bus without putting on any airs.

Yu Yuehan stood rooted to the ground. As he watched the two of them, who were about to sit together in the same row on the commercial bus, he narrowed his eyes.

After that, he strolled slowly toward the shuttle bus…

At this point in time, Wen Yadai had just finished splitting up the employees into their respective buses. Just when she was about to head over to her own car, she saw Yu Yuehan, and her heart fluttered.

She dispelled her plan to drive over alone and walked over to him gracefully.

“Young Master Han, are you heading over now as well? My car broke down on the way here, so can I get a ride in your car instead?” As Wen Yadai spoke, she clutched her bag nervously and stared at him with an expectant look.

If she could get a ride in his car and attend the dinner party together with him, that would substantiate the fact that she held a different position in his eyes when compared to the others.

Even if the others did not have misunderstandings about them dating prior to this, they would still know that she held a significant place in his heart!

All these beautiful thoughts flooded into Wen Yadai’s mind as she waited for Yu Yuehan to agree to her request.

However, she did not receive a reply from him even after waiting for quite a while.

Instead, when she looked up, she discovered that he had been staring fixedly in the direction of the shuttle bus with an icy cold gaze.

Before Wen Yadai could ask him what had happened, Yu Yuehan said coldly, “To promote low carbon waste emissions in an effort to save the environment, I will ride on the shuttle bus.”

Wen Yadai: “…!!”

The employees on the bus went absolutely crazy the moment Yu Yuehan boarded the shuttle bus.

Everyone stood up uniformly.

“Young Master Han…”

A few of the female colleagues had already started to nibble on their fingers in excitement.


They were so close to their Mr. Perfect. Moreover, he looked perfect from every single angle!

They were about to lose their breath…

“Young Master Han, do you want to sit beside me? There are seats available here.”

“I have empty seats beside me as well!”

“I can give you my seat!”


The surrounding voices seemed to become blocked out when Yu Yuehan stared directly at Nian Xiaomu, who was seated the furthest away at the back of the bus.

Nian Xiaomu had wanted to take a nap during the trip to the dinner party, so she decided to sit at the back.

She had never expected that Yu Yuehan would come on board, let alone walk in the direction where she was seated.

Nian Xiaomu was so shocked that she stood up in an instant.

As she watched him stroll forward, each and every step that Yu Yuehan took seemed to be threading on her heart at the same time.

Instantly, everyone in the car looked toward her direction!