The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 293

Chapter 293 She Was Missing

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Nian Xiaomu’s whole body quivered.

She stuffed the wine glass back into Chen Zixin’s hands at once.

“I had an allergic reaction recently, so I can’t have alcohol!”


“I’ll go get some fruit juice!” Nian Xiaomu turned around and dashed toward the beverage counter.

Chen Zixin was left behind with a stunned look as he grasped the red wine glass.

The corner of Yu Yuehan’s mouth curved up as he took a glass of red wine from a waiter and sipped on the contents leisurely.

His gaze was on Nian Xiaomu’s back the entire time.

He watched as she ran into the food area and scooped up a large plate of food with a cup of fruit juice in her hand. After that, she found a quiet spot and sat down to feast on her harvest.

Just like a groundhog, her tiny mouth moved quickly as she chewed and chewed on the food.

Her gluttonous look was comparable to that of Xiao Liuliu’s.

Nian Xiaomu ate an especially huge portion; it seemed that she really enjoyed her alone time when there was no one around to disturb her.

She even ate quite a few servings of dessert after she finished the main course.

She only took a small sip of red wine when some of her colleagues approached her with wine glasses in their hands.

After that, she obediently switched back to drinking fruit juice and continued to eat in a corner.

There were several times when Chen Zixin wanted to look for her, but he was eventually stopped due to the toasts offered by the other employees.

Since he was the person in charge of the project from Sheng Da Science and Technology, all of the colleagues involved in the project were queuing up to give him toasts, and he was a little tipsy after a round of continuous drinking.

As long as Yu Yuehan was present, he would forever be the focus of everyone in that setting.

However, everyone who wanted to approach him had been so intimidated by the royal and cold aura he emitted that none of them dared to take another step forward.

They only dared to discreetly watch him from afar.

As such, this eerie scene appeared at the dinner party.

As Yu Yuehan leaned his tall body against a window, he took graceful sips of his red wine alone and by himself.

Surrounding him were the employees who were involved in the project; all of them wanted to head forward to give him a toast, but did not have the courage to do so. They simply stood there with wine glasses in their hands…

Wen Yadai approached Yu Yuehan elegantly under the watchful eyes of the crowd.

A pleased smile crept up from the corner of her mouth as she asked, “Young Master Han, shall I accompany you for a drink?”


Yu Yuehan had just noticed that Nian Xiaomu was holding a glass of red wine and looked like she was about to hide in a corner to drink it discreetly. Before he could get a clearer view of her actions, his line of sight was blocked, and he frowned with an annoyed look on his face.

He collected his gaze and looked at Wen Yadai who stood before him.

Right after he lifted up his wine glass and motioned to her, he drank up all the wine in the glass in one shot.

Before she had time to open her mouth and speak, he asked coldly, “Do you have anything else for me?”

That defensive and indifferent attitude could be felt from miles away.

A streak of awkwardness flashed past Wen Yadai’s face as the smile on her face froze.

However, there was no way she could get out of this embarrassing situation with Yu Yuehan’s cold and detached attitude.

She finally returned to her senses after a long while. As she resumed smiling, she said, “I am ashamed of myself. Young Master Han really has a great capacity for alcohol.

As she spoke, she finished up all the red wine in her glass.

Her forthright actions eased the awkwardness in the air to some extent.

When Wen Yadai noticed that Yu Yuehan did not chase her away, her eyes flickered. Raising her hands, she instructed the waiter to refill their glasses and asked, “Young Master Han, didn’t you mention earlier that you wanted to commend the employees who had performed well this time around? Why not have a drink with all of us?”

Wen Yadai did not lower her volume when she said this.

These words reached everyone’s ears very clearly.

All the people around them seemed to become a little excited when they heard what she said.

Even the employees from Sheng Da Science and Technology rushed over and joined the crowd right after they managed to get Chen Zixin drunk.

“Young Master Han, all of us want to have a drink with you…”

“Young Master Han is ours! Don’t you guys dare try to snatch him away from us!”

As the employees from both companies joked with each other, the atmosphere livened up in an instant.

However, Yu Yuehan’s gaze was still searching for the sight of Nian Xiaomu.

The look in his eyes deepened when he realized that she was missing!