The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 297

Chapter 297 Were You Surprised? Were You Shocked?

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The room was brightly lit.

It wasn’t the disarrayed setting which everyone had pictured, and nobody in the room had a look that was filled with panic either.

Everything was tidy and looked as good as new from the entrance all the way to the bed inside the room.

Yu Yuehan’s royal figure stood unyieldingly at a location that was less than one meter away from the entrance.

The long design of his coat accentuated his tall and slender body.

His face was slightly tilted to the side with one hand tucked in the pocket of his coat.

It made a person have the urge to shriek out loud just from looking at his perfect profile.

However, the alienating aura that he emitted also made it so that a person couldn’t help but flinch and shrink back.

“Han, Young Master Han”

Everyone stood rooted to the ground at the entrance, and they did not come back to their senses even after a long while.

It seemed like they had never expected for Yu Yuehan to appear here.

Nian Xiaomu and Chen Zixin, who were behind him, went forward as well when they heard sounds of the door being kicked open.

Chen Zixin’s face darkened when he looked closely at the scene before him.

“Which news outlets are all of you from? You guys smashed the door open just because you wanted to get a scoopdo you want me to call the police to settle this?!”

Chen Zixin was someone who always carried a gentle smile on his face, and it was very rare for others to see him in a rage.

As such, the reporters were all very daring in their actions toward obtaining a news scoop related to him.

However, he was still the heir to Sheng Da Science and Technology, possessing high status and rank after all.

With a serious look on his face, he had merely chided them a little, yet the few reporters who stood at the very front could be seen sucking in nervous breaths.

Immediately, they started to laugh awkwardly and said, “President Chen Jr., it’s a misunderstanding, just a misunderstanding. Everyone was worried that something might have happened to you since we didn’t receive any reply after we knocked so many timesthat was why we slammed open the door.”

“Right, right, right, we were only concerned about your safety!”

A few others echoed along one after another.

However, Chen Zixin was not someone who could be duped in such an easy manner.

Previously, he was worried that they would not be able to explain themselves if the reporters managed to take photographs of Nian Xiaomu and himself together in a room.

Yet, the situation had taken a complete turn now!

He took a step forward and swept a glance at the reporters standing before him with an icy cold gaze.

“Worried about me? You guys are really clear about my whereabouts, aren’t you? All of you even had such clear knowledge about when I entered this loungewere you guys thinking that you could snap some photos of my private life after kicking open the door and then spin this into hot news?”

“” Silence fell over the entrance.

Nobody dared to reply to him.

A few of the reporters wanted to make a run for it. However, they didn’t have the guts to leave without Yu Yuehan’s approval.

Just like primary school students, they could only stand in front of Chen Zixin and listen to his lecture.

Chen Zixin only turned around and looked at the gloomy-faced Yu Yuehan after he had had his fill of lecturing. He raised his voice intentionally and said, “Young Master Han, I had wanted to meet together with you and Supervisor Nian to discuss our collaboration for the next season. I definitely did not expect for this to happen. How should we settle this?”

Yu Yuehan had adopted an icy cold face and did not utter a single word since the beginning.

As he lifted up his grave and stern face to scan through his surroundings, the areas where his gaze stopped seemed to freeze.

These several reporters, who had been immeasurably self-satisfied a moment ago because they had assumed that they would be able to obtain a big news scoop, were starting to quiver all over by this point in time.

They had originally assumed that they would be able to snap some illicit photos.

The young and pretty female supervisor meeting her client in private, even preparing to spend a beautiful night with him

This news would surely be a hit once it was published!

Indeed, they had seen that the pretty supervisor and Chen Zixin were in the room. However, no one told them that Young Master Han was there as well!

Furthermore, Nian Xiaomu clearly seemed to be more compatible with Young Master Han when the three of them stood together side by side.

Why had the whistle-blowers said that Nian Xiaomu and Chen Zixin were having an affair instead?

They were simply messing with us!

“Young Master Han, we really did not do this on purpose. We didn’t know that you were in the room as well”

“We know our mistakes and will certainly delete all the photos! We guarantee that you will not see them again”