The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 308

Chapter 308 Young Master Hans Gentlemanly Manners

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Nian Xiaomu had used up all her good luck.

Even God wouldn’t help her this time around!

The date for the annual design exhibition that was held by the Yu Corporation was drawing near. The design department had already revealed to the media representatives prior to the event that this time around, the exhibition would work hand in hand with Lombardi’s studio for a one of a kind design banquet.

If there were any slip-ups now, Wen Yadai did not even have to do anything for Nian Xiaomu to fully shoulder the responsibility and the blame!

She was waiting for the exact day when Nian Xiaomu suffered defeat!

In the administrative area.

Nian Xiaomu made her way back to her seat with Lombardi’s data in hand.

She started to study the data about Lombardi as well as the employees in his studio the moment she lowered her head.

At the same time, she also instructed the other employees to call Lombardi incessantly to try to contact him.

“Supervisor Nian, there is still no news yet. What should we do now?” the secretary walked to Nian Xiaomu and asked anxiously.

Nian Xiaomu was in the midst of reading the data when she lifted her head up; she felt a little dizzy because she had spent a great amount of time reading the information.

Reaching her hand out, she pressed against her temple and said, “Tell the others not to panic and continue trying to contact him. If we still can’t reach Lombardi by tomorrow, I’ll personally take a trip to Italy.”

The secretary noticed that Nian Xiaomu did not look well and inquired, “Supervisor Nian, are you alright?”

Nian Xiaomu shook her head when she heard this.

She continued to flip through the data in front of her.

She would continue the attempt as long as she could find other means of contact.

However, she was still left empty-handed.

It seemed that she really had to take a trip over to Italy

Beep!Her cell phone that was placed on the table suddenly rang.

Nian Xiaomu hardly had a second thought as she reached out and picked up the call at lightning speed.

Just when she was about to ask if the other party was Mr. Lombardi, she heard the sound of Yu Yuehan’s deep voice from the other end of the phone say, “Get off of work earlier today and wait for me at the carpark.”

“Is something the matter?” Nian Xiaomu was a little stunned.

“Today was Xiao Liuliu’s first day of kindergarten. Accompany me to pick her up,” Yu Yuehan said indifferently. The moment he finished his sentence, he added on, “Xiao Liuliu requested ot.”


Before Nian Xiaomu could express her opinion on the matter, he hung up the call.

She took a glance at the time and only left after she had packed her belongings and said goodbye to her colleagues.

A tall and slender figure was already standing beside the car door when she arrived at the carpark.

The long design of his windbreaker accentuated his tall body.

As his short black hair stirred with the wind, he sent a deep sideway gaze toward herit seemed to have the power to suck away a person’s soul.

Nian Xiaomu jogged forward immediately and said, “I packed my belongings and came down right after I received your call.”

She wasn’t latehe was too quick.

As Yu Yuehan shot a glance at her, he reached out and pulled open the car door so that she could get in the car.

He only headed to the other side and got in the car after she was nicely tucked in her seat.

Nian Xiaomu only returned to her senses after the car had traveled for quite a distance.

Yu Yuehan had helped her open the car door just now

When did he have such gentlemanly manners?

It was tough for him not to look suave when he was being considerate!

Moreover, it felt like the duty of a child’s parents to send the child to and from school.

Wasn’t he afraid that others might misunderstand if he simply brought her along like this?

Nian Xiaomu twisted her head and stole sly glances at him. As she stared on, a thought suddenly popped into her mind.

“Young Master, do you know anyone in Italy?”

“Hmm?” Yu Yuehan muttered and subconsciously replied her.

His voice that was filled with magnetism seemed to have made its way into one’s heart.

As he looked at her, he seemed to be suspecting if she could have discovered something by asking this question.

Nian Xiaomu did not take notice of his expression and continued speaking, “Mr. Lombardi suddenly could not be contacted. I wanted to send someone over to take a look since his address was in the document that recorded his personal information.”