The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 312

Chapter 312 The Man Who Said One Thing But Meant Another

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Back in the villa.

Someone’s facial expression still had not taken a turn for the better.

While Xiao Liuliu followed the butler into the courtyard to play, Nian Xiaomu was called into the study room by Yu Yuehan.

Afraid that he would strangle her to death out of jealousy while no one was around, she very carefully followed behind him the entire way there.

“The guys that I sent have replied with updates.” Yu Yuehan walked to the table and lifted his handsome face slightly.

Nian Xiaomu was stunned, but snapped back to her senses almost immediately.

She rushed forward and propped both her arms on the table.

“Are you saying that you have managed to contact Mr. Lombardi?”

That was really fast

The capability that this man possessed was indeed a mystery.

“Uh-huh.” Yu Yuehan cast a glance at her; he seemed to be very satisfied that she was staring at him with a look full of worship.

In this case, it wasn’t a waste of effort for him to specially send his men out on this trip.

As Yu Yuehan conveniently tossed his coat to the side, he reached out to turn on his computer and opened up the email which he had just received.

After that, he walked to her.

“The employees in Lombardi’s studio ate some bad food and contracted food poisoning. They were collectively hospitalized yesterday afternoon.” As Yu Yuehan opened his thin lips and spoke, a treacherous ray of light flickered in his eyes.

“Food poisoning Is it serious? Are Mr. Lombardi and the rest alright?”

Nian Xiaomu’s facial expression changed in under a second the moment she heard what he said.

“I knew Mr. Lombardi would not miss the deadline without any rhyme or reason. He is a man who values promises greatlyif it wasn’t serious, he would have contacted us by now!”


Yu Yuehan’s eyes darkened as he stared at her little face that was filled with worry.

The first thing she did when they finally managed to contact Lombardi was not to ask him for the design draft, but instead, she was worried for Lombardi and the employees from the studio.

She was really very different.

“Young Master, since you were able to find out that they had contracted food poisoning, did you manage to find out about their current situation as well?”

In a hurry, Nian Xiaomu reached out and grabbed his arm.

“For general food poisoning, after they had their stomachs pumped and took a day of rest, they should be able to regain consciousness and would not have been unreachable the whole time. I am worried that the situation might not be very favorable since Lombardi has not sent someone to contact us yet.”

Furthermore, the entire studio had contracted the food poisoning together.

As long as one of them was conscious, it would be highly improbable that none of them had thought of contacting the Yu Corporation until now.

Both parties had signed an official contract for the collaboration.

Just the penalty fee alone for breaching the contract was a shocking sum!


Yu Yuehan did not answer her question immediately. As he lowered his gaze, he stared at the hand that was grabbing his arm.

She was very tensed up.

She was grabbing his arm with great force and seemed to be relying on him as a source of support.

His heartbeat started to become uncontrolled because her nails seemed to carry a source of electrical current that slowly transmitted electricity to his heart.

He had the urge to give her a pat on the head and let her know that it was alright.

He also wanted to draw her into his embrace and tell her to not be worried or afraid.

“Young Master? Young Master?”

Nian Xiaomu lifted her head up doubtfully when she couldn’t get a reply from him no matter what she did.

When she followed his gaze, she finally realized that she had been grabbing his arm tightly all this time and immediately retracted her arm out of embarrassment.

“Erm, I didn’t mean to take advantage of you. I was too agitated just now.”


Yu Yuehan’s gaze flickeredhe instead frowned with a displeased look after the load had been shifted away from his arm.

A long while later, he finally spoke and said, “I have already sent someone to visit Lombardi in the hospital. We should be able to get updates about him soon.” Yu Yuehan pulled the chair out and sat down the moment he finished his piece.

His hands subconsciously gravitated to the space between his eyebrows and massaged it.

With knitted brows, he looked at her and asked, “Why are you still standing there? Come over here and pay off your interest.”

Nian Xiaomu: “”