The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 314

Chapter 314 Taking The Initiative To Get Close To Her

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Her hand felt a little cold.

She was so focused on inquiring about Lombardi’s situation that she did not realize that she was grabbing his hand.

Yu Yuehan’s eyes flickered, but he did not move and allowed her to grab him.

He did not stop her even when she cut across him to interact directly with the people on the other end of the phone call.

His eyes were filled with love and indulgence even though he himself did not realize it.

The guy who was in charge of collecting information had not expected that there would be a change in who was speaking to him. After hesitating for a few seconds, he finally complied after he noticed that Yu Yuehan did not object to it.

“I’ll try now and see if I can get Mr. Lombardi to answer the call personally.”

“ Thank you.”

Nian Xiaomu pursed her lips and waited for the news anxiously.

All of a sudden, a huge hand pressed against her head.

Startled, she lifted her head up and met Yu Yuehan’s dark gaze. For some indescribable reason, the jittery feeling in her heart soothed in an instant.

“Lombardi will be fine. Don’t be afraid.”

With a pause after every word, his magnetic voice flowed into her ears.

It brought about a placating and resolute atmosphere.

It was as though everything he said was right.

“Yeah.” Nian Xiaomu had calmed down entirely the moment she heard what he said as she nodded her head.

They waited for news quietly.

Luckily, Lombardi answered the call in no time.

He sounded a little weak as he said in perfect Italian, “I am sorry that an incident like this happened so suddenly and resulted in a delay to our collaboration”

“Are you alright?” Nian Xiaomu recognized his voice and asked worriedly.

Surprised, Lombardi went silent when he heard what she said.

He finally smiled and replied a while later, “I thought that you would first be worried about the design draft which we didn’t deliver on time.”

“Yes, the draft is urgent, but I regard you as my friend, and the health of a friend is more important than our collaboration. With that being said, can you let me know your health situation now?” Nian Xiaomu spoke in fluent Italian.

As she lifted her head up and took a glance at Yu Yuehan, she added, “I am not the only one worried. Our President is very concerned about you and your team as well. He is currently right beside me and was the one who personally sent someone to contact you.”

Lombardi appeared to be even more surprised when he heard what she said.

He sounded thankful in his tone.

“Thank you so much for the concern that all of you have shown. The food poisoning was detected early and everyone is alright. It’s just that the studio was in a bit of a mess yesterday and today. I had sent my assistant to inform you immediately when the incident occurred, but we still have no idea why the news was not relayed to your side. I will send someone to get to the bottom of this.”

After Lombardi finished his piece, he twisted his head around and seemed to be speaking to someone else.

Only after nearly half a minute had passed did he reply to Nian Xiaomu once more.

“Very sorry to have kept all of you waiting in worry. My assistant was busy taking care of the staff members who contracted food poisoning yesterday and forgot about the things that I had assigned to her.”

This meant that everything was purely accidental.

Since they had already managed to contact Lombardi, then regarding the issue of the design draft

Before Nian Xiaomu could pop the question, Lombardi said in an apologetic and sincere tone, “The design draft is nearly complete. Is it alright if I am given one more day to finish everything? I will send it personally to your mailbox afterward.”

Nian Xiaomu raised her head and took a glance at Yu Yuehan, then simply nodded her head when she noticed that he had no comment on the matter.


Both of them had a very merry conversation. Right after Nian Xiaomu hung up the call, she lifted her head up.

“It’s finally resolved. Young Master, this is all thanks to you!”

After she finished her sentence, she jumped right into Yu Yuehan’s embrace and hugged him in excitement!

Yu Yuehan: “”

Just like a child, the person in his embrace was so happy that she flashed a wide smile with both her eyebrows and eyes curving into arches.

It was so pure and clean.

The faint fragrance of her body hovered over the tip of his nose.