The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 316

Chapter 316 Corporate Spy

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After obtaining Lombardi’s design draft, all the other issues were resolved smoothly.

Once Nian Xiaomu received the email, she forwarded it to the manager of the design department immediately.

Now, she just had to look forward to the media launch tomorrow.

After turning off the computer, Nian Xiaomu went to bed early.

The next day, her alarm clock woke her up.

Checking her cell phone for the time, she saw that it was already 8 AM. Rubbing her eyes, she turned over and sat up.

After washing up, she put on a work suit and some light make-up.

Then, she took her bag and left her room.

When she arrived at the Yu Corporation, the rest of her colleagues were already at work.

The public relations department and the design department were working together on the media launch this afternoon.

She was in charge of making contact with the media representatives.

Since the last collaboration with Sheng Da Science and Technology, Nian Xiaomu had become more experienced in handling this kind of work.

Everything was settled properly. Just when everyone was ready to depart for the media launch venue, one of the colleagues suddenly cried out, “Did all of you see the news? Our competitor actually chose to hold a media launch on the same day as us. They don’t know that we have partnered with Lombardi’s work studio right? To think that they want to sabotage themselves this way!”

“For real? Last year they were completely humiliated. They still have the gall to hold their event on the same day this year.”

“What you said was too overboard. Other people have become more courageous, so we should give them some encouragement!”

“I think they have made some progress. At least they know that it is better to hold their media launch ahead of ours today because our show will be much more exciting”


Everyone gathered in a circle and started to discuss what was on the news.

As they watched on, the expressions on their faces started to change.

“Am I the only person who thinks that their design is pretty good this year?” Someone could not hold back his surprise.

Another person immediately agreed with him.

“Not only is it good, I must say that it is the best design that they have ever produced in all these years. Why do I feel a sense of alarm?”

“In fact, I think that the style of this batch of designs is very different from their previous work.”

“It’s not about whether there are similarities or not. The main point is its popularity. Look at the rave reviews. Someone even mentioned that we would be trashed by them this year”

The staff in the office continued their discussion.

When Nian Xiaomu heard their comments, she instinctively took out her cell phone to check the news.

Her face immediately changed when she saw the images of the designs on the screen.

If she remembered correctly, the designs on the internet were the ones that she had obtained from Lombardi last night.

These were the designs that were to be exhibited by the Yu Corporation!

How did they end up being used by their competitors

Nian Xiaomu clenched her fists tightly!

Before she could snap back to her senses, her cell phone rang.

It was a call from the design department manager.

“There is an emergency situation, Supervisor Nian. Come to my office right now!”

“I just saw the news and was also about to contact you.” Nian Xiaomu hung up the phone and turned to run toward the design department.

At the design department, everyone was already aware that the design drafts had been leaked. The atmosphere was somber and gloomy.

Nian Xiaomu had just walked in, and before she could say a word, she saw Wen Yadai and the manager of the design department step out of an office room.

When Wen Yadai lifted her head and saw Nian Xiaomu, the expression on her face became cold.

“This is a serious matter. I have already informed Master Han about holding an internal meeting to find out who the corporate spy is!”