The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 317

Chapter 317 Would He Still Believe Her If Everyone Condemned Her?

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“Corporate spy?” When Nian Xiaomu heard Wen Yadai’s words, she was startled and raised her eyebrows in disagreement.

“We are about to hold the media launch. The most crucial thing to do now is to resolve this problem”

“Resolve the problem? You tell me how you will resolve the problem now that our design drafts have been showcased by our competitor ahead of our launch,” Wen Yadai snapped back, interrupting Nian Xiaomu as she was speaking.

Stepping forward, Wen Yadai looked at Nian Xiaomu with a domineering expression.

She snickered and said, “I had merely suggested an investigation, Supervisor Nian. What are you so anxious about?”

“What do you mean by that?” Nian Xiaomu’s eyes turned cold as she lifted her head to look back at Wen Yadai in astonishment.

“I don’t mean anything by that. However, only you and Manager Lin have had access to the design drafts up to this point. Both of you are obviously the prime suspects. I had Manager Lin’s computer checked and confirmed that after he received the email from you, he did not forward it to anyone else. He also didn’t make a copy of it on his computer.”

Wen Yadai deliberately raised her voice in front of the other colleagues and enunciated every word clearly.

“So at this moment, the person who most likely leaked the design drafts is you, Nian Xiaomu!”

“I didn’t do it!” With her hands clenched in tight fists, Nian Xiaomu denied her involvement without hesitation.

Ignoring her words, Wen Yadai crossed her arms and walked toward her.

Her makeup was immaculate and she sneered, “You can say whatever you want, but when the results of the investigation are out, we will know the truth.”

After that, she walked past Nian Xiaomu and toward the director’s office.

Very quickly, the two departments received a notice about an emergency meeting.

In a huge meeting room.

Everyone sat quietly in their seats.

The projector screen on the wall was playing the news on repeat.

The design drafts on the screen were exactly the same as the ones that Lombardi had sent them.

When the design drafts were placed side by side, it was impossible to tell the difference.

Yu Yuehan was seated right at the front.

His coat was placed to one side, and he was clad in a white shirt with the collar unbuttoned.

It was rare to see him so casually dressed, but there was no warmth in his eyes.

That cold and aloof face looked up.

His dark gaze swept past every person in the room as his long fingers tapped restlessly on the table. The sound of these fingers tapping stirred up fear in the people in the room.

Then, Yu Yuehan asked, “Who were the ones who had come into contact with the design draft?”

“Manager Lin from the design department and Supervisor Nian,” Wen Yadai replied swiftly.

Hearing this, Yu Yuehan’s eyes flickered as he asked, “Just the two of them?”

“Yes. It should have been me safeguarding the design drafts, but Mr. Lombardi had suggested sending the email directly to Supervisor Nian. I thought Supervisor Nian had been very competent in the undertaking of her responsibilities, so I did not stop him, and I let Nian Xiaomu liaise with Manager Lin. If I had known that this matter would be mishandled, I would have taken charge personally,” Wen Yadai replied with a face full of regret.

After that, Manager Lin stood up immediately.

He explained that from the time he received the design drafts, he had adhered to the confidentiality protocol and had not shown the designs to anyone at all.

His computer and email records could prove his innocence.

Only Nian Xiaomu was left

Yu Yuehan’s gaze shifted toward her.

“It wasn’t me!”

“The culprit behind this definitely would not admit to it!” Wen Yadai turned toward Nian Xiaomu with a look of disappointment.

“To think that Master Han trusted and valued you so much, Supervisor Nian. How could you betray the company?”