The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 320

Chapter 320 Destroy Nian Xiaomu

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“Why didn’t you tell us that you were with Master Han last night, Supervisor Nian?” teased the colleagues.

“Yeah! You should’ve said so earlier so that everyone wouldn’t have misunderstood you!”


Nian Xiaomu had not even flinched when she was accused of betraying the company earlier. Yet now, she was unable to regain her composure.

What Yu Yuehan had said earlier kept ringing in her ears.

Together for the entire night

They certainly did not sleep together last night!

Even if he had wanted to clarify the matter for her, he should not have said those words.

Not only would other people misunderstand the truth, even she felt that they had a kind of shameful relationship

The expressions on the other people’s faces changed.

Yu Yuehan had never acknowledged any woman in public before.

Now that he said that he was with Nian Xiaomu the entire night, wasn’t he acknowledging her status?

Would the future Madam President need a mere 500,000 yuan?

This matter was most likely a misunderstanding!

“Well, even if the two of you had spent the whole night together, this does not prove that Nian Xiaomu did not leak the design drafts after she arrived at the Yu Corporation or while on her way to work!”

Wen Yadai clenched her hands into tight fists. Even though her fingers dug into her palms, she did not feel any pain.

Gritting her teeth, she forced herself to calm down.

“What about the money in her bank account? Who would give her such a large sum of money? Since Nian Xiaomu cannot explain where this amount of money came from, she cannot be absolved from responsibility!”

Wen Yadai had already lost all sense of rationale after Yu Yuehan spoke those words.

In her mind, she had only one thought:Destroy Nian Xiaomu!

As long as she got rid of Nian Xiaomu, there would not be anyone else who could snatch Yu Yuehan from her.

Master Han was hers!

The atmosphere that had become light-hearted rapidly turned tense with Wen Yadai’s words.

If the culprit behind the design draft leak was not found, this matter would not be truly resolved!

During this time, when the situation appeared to have reached a deadlock, Yu Yuehan waved his hand and gestured toward his assistant.

The assistant walked forward with a laptop and connected it to the projector screen

Very quickly, the screen showed an image of the desktop of a computer.

Some of the people present were still perplexed over what Yu Yuehan was doing.

Wen Yadai raised her eyebrows in suspicion as she looked back at Nian Xiaomu, who was calm faced. It felt as if Nian Xiaomu was already in the know, and a looming sense of doom surged in Wen Yadai’s heart.

The very next moment, she recognized that the image of the desktop was from her own computer!

“What do you mean by this, Master Han? Do you suspect me?” The color of Wen Yadai’s face changed as she held the sides of the desk for support.

He actually got someone to check her computer records

Nian Xiaomu!

It must have been Nian Xiaomu who had bewitched him!

She should have dealt with this b*tch earlier!

“Whether or not it was you, we will have the answer very soon,”Yu Yuehan said as he gestured at his assistant. The assistant immediately logged in to Wen Yadai’s email inbox in front all the staff.

With the most advanced IT skills, all the previous transactions on the computer could be traced.

Furthermore, Wen Yadai would never have expected anyone to connect her to this matter.

The original email still remained in her inbox!

It was not in her main account, but a sub-account!

The senior technician of the Yu Corporation completed his inspection very quickly.

“President, we can confirm that the design drafts were sent out from this computer!”

Hearing this, Yu Yuehan’s eyes turned dark as he slowly lifted his head.

His icy glare turned toward Wen Yadai as he demanded, “What do you have to say about this?!”