The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 322

Chapter 322 He Who Is Unjust Is Doomed To Destruction

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“” Never had Wen Yadai expected that the whole time she was hunting down the eagle, she would get bitten in the eye by the eagle instead!

She had done everything to plot toward Nian Xiaomu’s dismissal.

The best result was to send her to jail!

Who would have guessed that the entire setup would be exposed and that the person who ended up meeting misfortune would be herself!

There was solid evidence, and no one would believe anything she said now

“When did you start to suspect me?” Wen Yadai lifted her head in defiance and gritted her teeth as she confronted Nian Xiaomu.

She had been meticulous in her plotting, and no one in the public relations department had raised any suspicions.

Nian Xiaomu had also been very respectful toward her, and Wen Yadai had not been able to tell that Nian Xiaomu had already started to be on guard against her.

It was an utter defeat for her through and through!

Even up until now, she still could not figure out where she had gone wrong.

Was it only due to of a business card?

“When one’s mind is filled with evil thoughts, she is bound to show her true colors.” Standing upright, Nian Xiaomu’s smile turned into a sneer.

“Remember what you said to me when Lombardi was unreachable?”

“” Wen Yadai frowned.

Of course she remembered. She had not only consoled Nian Xiaomu, she had also promised to help her locate Lombardi.

As Nian Xiaomu’s superior, she was responsible for this project.

What she had said was in line with her usual concern for her subordinates.

So what was the problem?

“You did not think that I would be so worried that Lombardi had met with an accident that I would approach Master Han for help. That was when I found out that Lombardi’s team had contracted food poisoning.”


“Lombardi is not a nobody. News of his food poisoning had already broken out in Italy. It was such a high profile incident, yet you still claimed that you would ask your Italian friend to check. In the end, you did not have any updates for me. The only possibility was that you already knew, but you kept it from everyone else!”

Every sentence that Nian Xiaomu said was filled with strength and slapped Wen Yadai’s face without any reserve!

He who is unjust is doomed to destruction.

Wen Yadai had been defeated because she was over-confident. She assumed that everyone would be wrapped around her little finger!

Never did she imagine that she had been betrayed by her own words from the beginning!

After contacting Lombardi, Nian Xiaomu found the chance to check with him about the food poisoning episode.

At that time, she felt that something was not right.

It was too much of a coincidence that the food poisoning happened at that time. It was certainly very suspicious.

That was why she had reminded Lombardi that something might be amiss within his work studio.

The two of them quietly collaborated to put up a good show to lure the snake out of its hole!

Up to this point, Wen Yadai did not know that the design drafts that were sent to her from Italy were all fake.

“Fake they’re actually fake”

Wen Yadai looked up in disbelief.

Her eyes were bloodshot.

She had actually destroyed herself over fake design drafts!

“Nian Xiaomu! You dared to set me up!” Wen Yadai let out a loud shriek and charged toward Nian Xiaomu in indignation.

Before she could even get near Nian Xiaomu, she was pinned down by Yu Yuehan’s assistant.

Nian Xiaomu took a step back. Raising her eyebrows, Nian Xiaomu enunciated every word clearly and declared, “You are wrong! I was only testing to see if there are corporate spies in the company. If you had not betrayed the company, there would be no problem at all. You only have yourself to blame!”

As the manager of the public relations department, Wen Yadai had sold out the company for her own benefit.

For such a person to stay in the Yu Corporation would surely lead to great losses for the company!