The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 323

Chapter 323 All The Crafty Calculations Came To Naught

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“These are all your one-sided accusations. Just because you say that I’m a corporate spy, does that make me one? Did you see me divulge the company’s confidential information? I’m the manager of the public relations department. What good does it do me if the project fails?”

Wen Yadai struggled to save herself to the end.

“You will have to ask yourself why.”

Nian Xiaomu stepped forward from behind the assistant and looked coldly back at the unremorseful Wen Yadai.

“However, if you do insist on a witness, I can provide you with one.”

As Nian Xiaomu spoke, she turned and gestured to the assistant to bring forward the person she was talking about.

The door of the meeting room opened.

When the long since vanished Wang Miaomiao suddenly reappeared, everyone stared at her with astonishment.

As Wen Yadai’s eyes widened, she shouted, “What the heck are you doing here?”


Wang Miaomiao had always been meek, and she stumbled backward in fright when she was yelled at by Wen Yadai.

Before she could even speak, her face had gone pale.

When she turned and saw Yu Yuehan seated at the front, her whole body shivered.

Yu Yuehan’s soulful eyes shot a piercing glare at her as he asked, “Do you want to say it now on your own or do you want me to take you to the police station to say it?”

Startled, Wang Miaomiao started to spill the beans.

“It wasn’t, wasn’t me. I was only acting according to Manager Wen’s orders. When the task was completed, I would be promoted Later on, when our plot failed, she gave me a big sum of money to move far away and never reappear again”

“What did she ask you to do?” Yu Yuehan narrowed his eyes as he questioned with a menacingly indifferent tone.

“To give Nian Xiaomu the wrong flight arrival time so that she would be late to receive Mr. Lombardi. Then, to ruin the chances of collaborating, I was told to make a mess of the translation between Mr. Lombardi and Nian Xiaomu. The aim was to get Mr. Lombardi to hate Nian Xiaomu and complain about her to the company”

“You bitch! You dare to set me up!” Wen Yadai shrieked as she pounced forward to grab Wang Miaomiao.

No one stopped her, and very quickly, she pushed Wang Miaomiao to the floor and started a fight with her.

Wang Miaomiao was no match for Wen Yadai. After suffering a few blows, she crawled on her knees toward Yu Yuehan with a face full of bruises.

“Master Han, what I said was the truth! Wen Yadai was the mastermind behind the entire matter. It had nothing to do with me. I have recorded every word that she said to me. I have not spent all the money either. You will know the whole truth if you get someone to investigate!”


“Not only me, but Xie Jingjing and Wang Tianli had also given Supervisor Nian a hard time under Wen Yadai’s instigation! I heard it with my own ears!”


A commotion broke out in the meeting room.

Every single person was appalled.

No one could believe that the well-respected manager of the public relations department was actually such a scheming woman.

She would make use of other people to commit crimes and remain spotless in the ensuing the bloodshed.

“No! It’s not like that! I didn’t! She’s accusing me of something I didn’t do” Wen Yadai staggered to her feet as she pointed her finger at Nian Xiaomu.

“It must be this woman who bribed Wang Miaomiao to come here and set me up! I didn’t do it!”


With a wave of his hand, Yu Yuehan flung a white plastic bag onto the desk.

In the bag, there was a man’s cell phone.

When Wen Yadai saw the cell phone, the look in her eyes changed.

Her mouth opened slightly, as if she wanted to say something. However, not a word came out.

Yu Yuehan’s distinguished figure stood up slowly and walked toward her. As he lifted his eyes to look at her, he said, “This is the cell phone that Chen Zixin lost that day. Do you want me to send it for fingerprint testing to see if your fingerprints are on it?”