The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 324

Chapter 324 She Could Not Go To Jail

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Wen Yadai: “!!”

It never occurred to her that the cell phone that she had dumped in the restroom trash would end up in Yu Yuehan’s hands.

He had found the cell phone that she had thrown away. This meant that he already knew that she was the one who had tried to set up Chen Zixin and Nian Xiaomu

He already knew everything

Her body started trembling in fear.

Her eyes turned red, and she did not dare look up to meet his eyes.

Big teardrops fell from her eyes

“Yuehan, you have to believe me. I did not do it on purpose. I wasn’t in my right mind. It was because I was jealous of how much you valued Nian Xiaomu. I did not mean to divulge the company’s confidential information”

With trembling fingers, Wen Yadai reached out to tug at Yu Yuehan’s sleeve.

The strong front that she had been putting on disappeared the moment she faced him. Instead, she pleaded pitifully in an incoherent voice, “I’ve never told you that I like you. I’ve liked you for many years. I just want to stay by your side. Please don’t make me leave!”

“Have you forgotten that when we were growing up together, you never allowed anyone to go near you? I was an exception. I’ve always known that I was special to you. I can promise you that I will not be jealous anymore. I will never make you angry again. Please give me another chance!”

“I studied business management only because of you. I thought that as long as I worked hard, you would realize that I was the most suitable person for you. It was that b*tch Nian Xiaomu who snatched you away from me. If not for her, I would not have”

“Have you said enough?” There was no change in Yu Yuehan’s expression as he cut Wen Yadai short.

“” Wen Yadai froze.

“Whatever the reason was, it was no reason to harm other people and jeopardize the company’s interests!” Yu Yuehan said sharply.

With a flick of his hand, he flung her hand away and returned to his seat.

Then, he turned toward his assistant and asked, “Do you know what action to take against a person who leaked the company’s confidential information?”

“Yes!” the assistant promptly replied before whipping out a cell phone from his pocket and making a call to the police station.

Seeing this, Wen Yadai’s face was drained of all color.

She collapsed to the ground and clung to the floor with both hands.

With the smudged and ruined makeup on her face, there was no trace of the elegance of a wealthy heiress left in her. Instead, her eyes were filled with panic

In the beginning, she had plotted to destroy Nian Xiaomu with her scheme.

She knew full well that a corporate crime would not only lead to Nian Xiaomu’s dismissal, it would also land her in jail once all the evidence was collected against her!

Yet, it never occurred to her that the person who would suffer the consequences of these evil deeds would be herself

Wen Yadai lifted her head and surveyed the surroundings.

There were all sorts of looks from the others.

Looks of disgust.

Looks of disdain.


Did everyone think that she should pay for her crimes? Did she deserve to be punished?

Not so long ago, she was the most brilliant star in the crowd.

Not only was she beautiful and from an honorable family background, she also had outstanding educational qualifications and was competent in her work.

She was the envy of many people

Yet now


She could not go to jail!

Her entire life would be destroyed by this blemish!

Awakened by this terrifying thought, Wen Yadai sprang up from the floor and rushed forward. Grabbing the cell phone from the assistant, she smashed the phone against the wall.

“What are you doing?”

By the time the assistant snapped back to his senses, he could not react quickly enough to hold her back, and Wen Yadai had already knelt down at Yu Yuehan’s feet.

“I beg you, Yuehan! Do not call the police. I don’t want to go to jail I cannot go to jail!”