The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 325

Chapter 325 Indebted To Her For Saving His Life

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“So you’re feeling scared now? When you were plotting against other people, why didn’t you consider the consequences?” Unmoved, Yu Yuehan pulled a long face as he flung her arm away.

If Nian Xiaomu were not so quick-witted, the person who would have been framed and sent to the police station would be her!

When Yu Yuehan thought of this possibility, his eyes flickered with menace, like a blood-thirsty Asura that had entered the gates of hell.

People needed to be responsible for their own actions. Wen Yadai was paying for her misdeeds!

While she could smash a cell phone to pieces, could she also wash away all the evil things that she had done?

Yu Yuehan looked toward his assistant, who understood he was being ordered to report the matter to the police.


Realizing what the assistant was about to do, Wen Yadai let out a loud cry. Holding her head with both hands, she stood up and walked backward along the side of the desk.

Then, she suddenly stopped.

Reaching out to grab a mug on the desk, she threw it onto the floor.

Before anyone could react, she picked up a fragment of the glass and pressed it against her wrist.

“Yuehan, you said that you would pay me back for the life that you owe me!”


“I can’t go to jail. My life would be over if I were to go to jail!”

Rather than be despised by the whole world, she might as well die now

Wen Yadai raised her head and looked at Yu Yuehan with tears in her eyes.

“You own the Yu Corporation. As long as you do not pursue the matter, I will be fine. I beg of you, please do not send me to jail!”

As she spoke, Wen Yadai slit her wrist with the glass fragment in her hand. Immediately, a bloody cut appeared on her arm.

Crimson red blood started to flow out and trickled down from her wrist


A few weak-hearted female employees let out loud shrieks at the sight of blood.

The atmosphere in the meeting room became heavy and tense.

Shocked that Wen Yadai was using her own life as a threat, everyone started to move away, not wanting to trigger her further.

“You’re insane!”

Yu Yuehan had not expected that she would have such an extreme reaction. Swiftly getting up from his seat, he stood protectively in front of Nian Xiaomu to shield her from Wen Yadai.

Then, he turned toward Wen Yadai and tried to take the glass fragment from her hand.

“Don’t come near me!”

Seeing that Yu Yuehan was coming closer to her, Wen Yadai quickly retreated until her whole body was plastered against the wall.

Her eyes looked flaring red against her own blood while her whole body was shaking.

It appeared that she would not be able to hold out much longer.

Nian Xiaomu snapped back to her senses after a long while.

Looking at Wen Yadai who was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Nian Xiaomu’s mind was filled with the words that she had heard earlier.

She had only known that Wen Yadai was Yu Yuehan’s right-hand woman and that he had been cordial toward her.

Only today had she discovered that they had been childhood friends.

Wen Yadai had saved him before

He was indebted to her.

Did they share many other secrets that were unknown to others?

There was a strange tightness in her chest, but she did not know why.

With her back facing Yu Yuehan, she could not see that at that very moment, his face had turned glum and sinister.

It was as if he had recalled some unhappy memories. His eyes oozed a chilling kind of darkness while he stared back at the blood stains on Wen Yadai’s wrist. As he narrowed his eyes, his mouth opened slightly and spoke with pauses between his words.

“Send word to fire Wen Yadai and to never ever hire her again. From now on, she is banned from entering the Yu Corporation and the Yu Family villa!”

“” The glass fragment in Wen Yadai’s hand slipped out of her palm.

This meant that he did not ever want to see her again