The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 329

Chapter 329 It's Impossible To Continue The Conversation

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Nian Xiaomu got more and more agitated as she spoke and totally did not notice that her tone was full of jealousy.

The thought of a mini Wen Yadai accompanying Yu Yuehan when he was young appeared in her mind.

Just like what Wen Yadai had mentioned, he took no notice of others and only allowed her, his savior, to get close to him

They were both childhood friends, both young and innocent.

They even worked together when they grew up and had a high level of understanding with each other.


Before Nian Xiaomu had the time to imagine the two of them holding hands and entering the sacred hall of marriage together, he ruthlessly knocked on the back of her head.

A hint of ridicule accompanied his deep voice and he said, “Why don’t you write novels since you have such a rich imagination?”

“” That wasn’t her imagination, it was a rational speculation!

Nian Xiaomu’s rational speculation was throttled immediately at the very next second when he said, “I chased her away on the very next day when my grandma invited her over.”

Nian Xiaomu: “!!”

Could he still be considered a human being?

Ever since he was young, the way in which he handled things did not conform to conventionit was no wonder he turned into a block of iceberg when he grew up.

However, why did she feel a strange sense of happiness in her heart right after she heard that he had chased Wen Yadai away without any mercy?

Nian Xiaomu seemed to have thought of something and asked doubtfully, “You lied! If you really chased her away, why did she say that the two of you grew up together?”

Yu Yuehan finally could not tolerate it any longer. Reaching out, he pressed against her head.

However, it wasn’t just a gentle rubit was a forceful push. Using a strength that could possibly break her neck, he forced her to lift her head up and look at him.

He was gnashing his teeth.

“Can Wen Yadai’s words be trusted?”

“” Everything he said made sense. It made her seem like a retard.

Could they still continue to chat like normal?

As Yu Yuehan cast a glance at her that was supposed to show care and concern toward the handicapped, he said, “I didn’t allow her to stay in the Yu Family villa, but she would use Grandma as an excuse and look for me everyday.

“” Weren’t they considered childhood friends like this?


“After that, I would not go to the front courtyard during the day just to avoid her. The number of times that I met her in a year was less than three, and the total number of words that we spoke to each other was less than 10. This continued until Grandma disallowed her from coming to the Yu Family villa.”


“If we are still considered childhood friends like this, well then I guess we were.”

Nian Xiaomu: “”

All of a sudden, she developed a slight sense of pity for Wen Yadai.

She must have had a muddled brain to be fond of a man like Yu Yuehan.

If not, how could a normal person stand him?

She could not continue the conversation because this was quite an awkward topic.

Change of topic.

“Oh yes, I have not thanked you yet for helping me with the matter involving Wang Miaomiao. If you did not extend your help, I would not have managed to find Wang Miaomiao in the nick of time.”

As Nian Xiaomu spoke on, she reached out again and tugged on the front of his jacket.

“But you went overboard with the words that you said previously! Even though you were trying to help me, how could you say that we say that we in front of so many employees!”

“What about us?” Yu Yuehan leaned over slightly in her direction.

He approached the tip of her nose with his charming face.

The warm breath from his mouth spilled onto her face when he was speakingit felt itchy.

For a moment, Nian Xiaomu forgot what she wanted to say.

He pushed her to the side of the conference table; her back was pressing against the table and she was leaning back slightly.

Since she was afraid of falling off, she instinctively grabbed ahold of him tightly.

“We obviously did not sleep together yesterday!”

“Oh, what about the day before?” Yu Yuehan raised his brows slightly and asked.

With an embarrassed look, Nian Xiaomu replied, “That was because of Xiao Liuliu We are innocent”

The others imagined that they had slept togetherthat wasn’t even the case!

When Yu Yuehan heard this, his gaze darkened and he lowered his head to look at her. With a demonic charm lacing his words, he asked, “So you are blaming me for not doing anything to you the other time?”