The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 330

Chapter 330 Why Did You Run?

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Yu Yuehan swept a glance past her lips as he spoke.

The ray of light in his eyes grew deeper as he slowly moved closer to her.

Bit by bit, bit by bit

At the moment when he managed to kiss Nian Xiaomu, she became so nervous that she wanted to retreat backward. However, his hands took the first move before she could even react.

He cupped the back of her head and stopped her from flailing about.

All of a sudden, a hint of ambiguity that could neither be expressed nor explained came in between the both of them.

As Nian Xiaomu stared at the man who was standing at a very close proximity to her, her brain suddenly seemed to be scorched. Reaching out, she poked his chest and blurted out words of threat, “Quickly get away from me. If you don’t, I am gonna kiss you Oh!”

Before she could finish her sentence, her lips were stifled silently by someone.

Her eyes grew wide as she stared at the person before her!

Suddenly, the door to the meeting room was pushed open.

“Didn’t they say that there were people inside? Why don’t I hear any sounds here” Chen Zixin’s mumbling voice sounded from the door.

At the very next second, he saw the both of them hugging each other right in front of the conference table. Just like someone who had gotten an electric shock, he immediately retracted the leg that had just stepped foot into the meeting room.

An alarmed look appeared in his eyes as he held his shoulders with crossed arms!

“You, you, you You guys actually”

Thump!Nian Xiaomu pushed away the person in front of her without hesitation the moment she noticed that someone was there.

She stood upright as she reached out and quickly covered her mouth.

“President Chen Jr., don’t misunderstand. The truth isn’t what you see”

Just when she was about to start explaining, someone tugged on her collar from behind. Then, Yu Yuehan pulled her and positioned her behind him.

He was standing right before her, tall and muscular, royal and untouchable.

Even when he was placed in such an awkward situation where Chen Zixin ran across the both of them kissing, the expression on his face remained calm and steady.

Raising his eyebrows, he shot Chen Zixin a chilly glanceit was instead as if Chen Zixin was the one who had done something wrong.

He should have left immediately if he was sensitive enough.

Chen Zixin trembled all over as he explained hurriedly, “I received news that you guys had managed to find my cell phone and even uncovered the person who tried to plot against me the other day. This was why I specially came over to check it out. I didn’t mean to spoil the great moment that the both of you were sharing!”

“I will leave immediately!”

Chen Zixin turned around swiftly. Just when he was about to take his first step out, he turned around in an absolutely aggrieved manner and said, “Erm, please lock the door next time if you guys want to be intimate with each other. The innocent single people out there don’t want to see such a blinding sight.”


As Nian Xiaomu watched Chen Zixin’s back disappear at top speed, she froze in her action of passing him his cell phone.

Her mind went completely blank.

Who was she? What had just happened just now?

Whilst walking back to the public relations department.

Nian Xiaomu’s brain was on the verge of crashing.

The image of Yu Yuehan kissing her out of the blue flashed past her eyes incessantly. As such, her heart started beating furiously again even though she had managed to calmed down just a moment ago.

Covering her face with both hands, she stopped herself from letting her imagination run wild and rushed straight into the public relations department.

Just when she sat down in her seat, her cell phone rang.

It was a text message.

Only a few simple words were displayed on the screen: [Why did you run?]

Sender: Iceberg.

Ah! Ah! Ah!

How could he still ask her the reason why she ran away when someone had happened upon such an embarrassing scene with the both of them?

Had he expected her to stay there and discuss the regrettable unfinished kiss with him after Chen Zixin left?

Yes, yes, yes, she was the one who had taken the initiative and provoked him.

However, she was a lady after allshe was a very reserved person!

Blushing, Nian Xiaomu gripped her cell phone tightly with both hands and typed her reply word by word.

After nearly three minutes of typing, she only managed to force out two sentences: [I am very busy now. Talk later if there are any other matters!]

After she clicked the “send” button, she tossed her cell phone into the drawer with trembling hands and locked it!