The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 331

Chapter 331 I'll Pick You Up From Work

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Just when Nian Xiaomu was about to take a breather, she suddenly noticed that the surrounding employees had started to crowd around her.

“Congratulations, Manager Nian!”

With a pop, the mini-ribbon party popper exploded right above her head.

Like a rainbow, the floating ribbons flew past the air and finally landed all over her body

Nian Xiaomu snapped back to her senses and stood up immediately.

“Thank you everyone. I’ll treat everyone in the department to a meal after we complete the project with Lombardi’s work studio!”

After being provoked by Yu Yuehan, she had forgotten that she had been promoted to the rank of department manager.

“With Manager Nian leading us, there will surely be no issues with the Lombardi project!”

“Definitely! We certainly took our competitors by surprise due to how popular the press conference was this afternoon. I am guessing they were crying pitifully on each other’s shoulders!”


Everyone was joking with one another.

The atmosphere was very lively.

Nian Xiaomu managed to ease the nervous feelings in her heart.

She shifted her attention away from her cell phone and did not bother checking if Yu Yuehan had texted her a reply.

Just when she was about to go pour herself a glass of water, someone from the department exclaimed.

“The Fan Corporation is going to enter City H!”

Nian Xiaomu paused in her steps; she merely felt that this name sounded familiar, but could not recall what it was at the moment.

However, some of the female employees in the department were already a step ahead and shrieked out loud in response.

“Are you serious? Is my hubby really planning to shift his business domain back home?”

“What? Your hubby? You just said yesterday that Young Master Han was your only love in your entire life!”

“Fan Yu is my second husband, alright?”

A few of the younger female colleagues who were determined to be “Mrs. Yu” squeezed to the front and started to tease one another.

Fan Yu?

Who was that?

It seemed like the demons and gods were at work when Nian Xiaomu walked forward and took a glance at the world news page on the computer screen.

The Fan Corporation was established by a Chinese family. They had released an official announcement that filled the entire page of the website publication and indicated that they would be gradually expanding their market share in the country.

A photograph of a young man who looked like he was in his mid twenties was in the newspaper report as well.

Dressed in a white suit, he had a handsome and pleasant smile on his face.

The smile on his face seemed to have the power to seep into one’s heartjust by taking a single glance at him, one would have the subconscious urge to smile back with a similar smile.

He looked like a very gentle person

Just when Nian Xiaomu was going to inquire about who this person was, she heard Xiaoxiao calling for her.

“Manager Nian, did you place your cell phone in the drawer? Your phone is ringing!”

The moment she heard that she had a phone call, the first person she thought of was Yu Yuehan!

Her hand trembled in shock, and she nearly failed to steady her glass of water.

She turned around and dashed back.

She fished out her cell phone from the drawer in a fluster. As she met the curious gazes of the employees around her, she reached out awkwardly and tucked her hair behind her ear.

Acting on the pretense that nothing had happened, she kept calm and headed to the bathroom with her cell phone in hand.

The moment she entered the bathroom, she immediately swept a glance at her surroundings like a thief to ensure that nobody was around.

Just when she was about to answer the call, she realized that Yu Yuehan was not the one calling herit was Mr. Lombardi

Furthermore, the phone stopped ringing the moment that she wanted to answer the call.

Nian Xiaomu’s lips quivered.

She stuffed her cell phone into her pocket and patted her face with force.

She must have been poisoned

When she finally calmed down, she strolled out and prepared to return Mr. Lombardi’s call.

However, she sensed a weird atmosphere in the department the moment she stepped out of the bathroom.

Before she could come to her senses and figure out what had happened, she saw a distinguished figure stand up from her seat the very next second.

With both his hands tucked in his pocket, Yu Yuehan lifted his face slowly and looked at her.

“I am here to pick you up from work.”